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Posted by on Tuesday October 18, 2016 at 17:24:29:

I was walking down my street in Lagos one day and one thing I noticed was a Nigerian girl that was coming out of a house and she had extremely long hair. It wasn't her real hair and I really wonder why many Nigerian ladies no longer like growing their real hair but all they mostly wear are hair extensions. This is thanks to human hair products that keep getting imported into our country. I mean, we should be thinking about how to grow and export Nigerian hair rather than having to import everything including white people's hair. There are a lot of fake things Nigerians women now wear and one of them is fake hair so when next you see a Nigerian girl with extremely long hair, chances are that it's fake and not original.

Anyway, when I saw this young girl, it was not as if she was that beautiful but I was just imagining how she really felt comfortable wearing such a long hair extension that reached her hips. Yes, it was way past her shoulders and a bit lower than her hips. It was indeed the full version hair extension and I wondered if Nigerian women who wear hair extensions don't feel the heavy load on their head.

The Nigerian girl was walking out of a house and trying to walk cross a wooden platform placed across the gutter when something funny or ridiculous happened - One of her bathroom slippers fell into the gutter. It's common in many Nigerian cities like Lagos to see uncovered gutters that are used as drainage and it's not really a nice thing to fall into them that's why wooden platforms that act as bridges are placed on them.

Before the incident happened, something struck my mind because I had been wondering how she will be able to see clearly since her head was massively covered with hair and this seemed to be the trend among Nigerian ladies - They now use hair extensions that blur their vision since it covers about 30% of their faces. So, I said to myself "Will this girl even be able to see the road clearly" and that was when she missed a step and her left slipper fell into the gutter. I felt a bit of pity for her but also chuckled because natural forces told me she deserved it.

Now, I was wondering what she was going to do now that her slipper was in the gutters and she bent down on the wooden platform to try and pick it up. As she tried to pick it up, another funny thing happened - The tail end of her long hair extension also went into the gutter. I almost burst out into laughter as she stood up quickly holding her water dripping slipper on one hand and her soaking wet hair attachment on the other. It was funny but also pitiful and I just figured that this must be a bad day for her.

Why do Nigerian and black women like having long hair extensions they can hardly manage? Why wear a fake hair if it makes life harder for you? Wouldn't life be easier for many of them if they just wore their short original Nigerian hair? It won't block their vision and doesn't getting the way. It would allow fresh air to blow through their head and it would also prevent them from heaving headaches as a result of carrying overload on their head in the name of looking good.

I remember those times in the past when it was fashionable for Nigerian women to braid and plait their hair. Nowadays, they seem to find it easier and more preferable to just wear the hair of another human being all in the name of beauty.

I believe it's unnatural for an African woman to wear Asian or American hair since it is not part of their DNA and causes them a lot of problems. The God who designed African and Nigerian women to have the kind of hair they have, did it for a purpose - It was because they were going to live in Africa. If they go against that nature, there certainly would be consequences. But many Nigerian women have been brainwashed into believing that to look good, they must go unnatural.

In Nigeria, there are many fake things Nigerian women wear to look good and wearing fake hair is one of them.

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