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Posted by on Friday November 29, 2013 at 16:59:28:

It was about 7am on Christmas day and Chima was preparing to go to Church. He walked outside to fetch some water with a bucket, all thanks to the state government who has not made pipe borne water available yet in their community.

Chima was surprised to see that his Hausa neighbour Haruna was still in Lagos. Haruna had earlier told him he would be travelling to the village but he was still in town.

Chima said to Haruna, "Chai! Aboki Haram, you never go village? Abi you dey fear them?"

Haruna replied, "You no well. Who you dey call Haram? Well, I don change my mind. I wan make more money so make I go marry another wife"

Chima then said to Haruna, "Wetin happen with that money wey I borrow you? E be like say you go pay me now oh. I need money quick quick"

Haruna replied saying, "I go pay but first make I go come back."

Chima said to Haruna, "You want use my money go marry Mata? I go boko you oh!"

Haruna then said, "You now well. If you Boko me, I go haram you."

A police man who was listening to their conversation burst into laughter as he walked away saying, "Una no get work!"

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