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Posted by on Thursday October 31, 2013 at 8:53:42:

There was once a boy named Ebuka who worked in a small manufacturing company and this was a company that has a lot of labourers who were just averagely educated.

The normal routine for workers in this company is to sign in when arriving and signing out when departing from work. This would normally involve the writing of their names, serial number and time log, something even a primary school student would be able to do.

Well, almost every worker there was able to write down their names and log details efficiently except for Ebuka. Ebuka was the typical village boy who just arrived Lagos and was not so good with numbers. He hardly knows how to count figures and so one of the errors his colleagues noticed in him was his ineffective ability to do simple maths at times.

It happened that on a particular day as workers ere arriving and registering their names in the attendance register, Ebuka was the next to log in after the 6th person. When Ebuka was writing his name, he mistakenly wrote 5 as his serial number even though the numbers had been written in ascending order.

One of his colleagues named Chidi who wanted to write next saw what Ebuka did and asked him, "Nna, why did you write 5 instead of 7 since that is the next number"? Ebuka laughed and said, I think say na 7 I write but my hand bend small". Chidi also laughed and said, "Why are you lying? You should have asked me to help you write or did you go to night school?".
Ebuka was angry that Chidi was implying that he was unintelligent and replied, " I don write my own. Write your own dey go. Wetin concern you" and he walked away briskly.

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