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Posted by on Thursday June 20, 2013 at 8:52:12:

There was once a Keke driver who parked his minibus under the bridge and was calling on passengers. Keke is the local name in Lagos for commercial motorized Tricycles that carry at least 3 passengers at a time.

As he was calling passengers for his route which was Orile roundabout, some passersby and would be passengers boarded his minibus and he kept on yelling his route with a louder voice, "Orile, Orile..". His fellow colleagues also assisted him in calling on passengers.

It takes only 4 passengers to load a mini bus aka Keke marwa in Lagos and the sitting arrangement consists of 3 people at the back and two persons in the front which includes the driver which makes sitting at the front a little bit inconvenient and passengers tend to avoid there. Personally, I think it's not legally accepted for the driver to carry another person in he front besides himself since it would amount to overloading and even be an inconvenience to his driving ability but they have made it their norm in other to make more money.

The Keke driver kept yelling, "Orile, Orile" as he waited for more passengers and a third person came to sit at the back and it now remained one more passenger who would sit with the driver. Laughter and commotion however broke out as the seemingly drunk Keke driver shouted out finally, "Orile, Orile, one chance".

It seemed he wasn't quite aware of the confusion or alarm he was already creating in the air as he kept on shouting, "Orile Orile one chance!" One of his fellow drivers laughed at him and said, "You no go see any passenger as you dey call one chance, one chance. Abi you just come Lagos?".

The Keke driver didn't really have any words to say but just kept on yelling "one chance one chance, Orile".

Well, for those who don't know, "One chance" is a name given to commercial buses that are used by kidnappers/ritualists to pick only one or few passengers along the road before zooming off into a remote location. The stories surrounding one chance buses are that they are normally preloaded with ritualists who then pickup one or two passengers which they may drug or charm and them take them to a location where they would be used for rituals, organ harvesting and they mostly end up as dead or missing persons. Commuters may also be robbed on the way and thrown off the moving bus.

They've been many cases of people who've entered the so-called one chance buses and only few escaped to tell the stories. So, Nigerians have been urged not to enter buses outside the park especially on expressways since they don't know the kind of people who are already inside the buses. People are encourages not to patronize commercial buses that are not loaded from the parks.

Well, as the Keke driver kept on yelling one chance one chance Orile, one of his fellow drivers jokingly told the passengers already seated on his Keke, "Make una copy him number look im face oh. Make im no go carry una go miss o!"

Anyway, afterwards, the Keke driver stopped calling one chance one chance and changed his scream to "Orile Orile, one nyash" and the people burst to laughter.

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