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Posted by on Wednesday June 15, 2016 at 23:24:32:

I remember those days when I was growing up and was in boarding school. One of the things we used to secure our property were padlocks and I have to say that we probably didn't know that those high quality padlocks would fade away from the Nigerian market in the future thanks to the low purchasing power of the Naira. Then brands like Globe, Yeti, Yale and others were some of the names I can remember and even though they were not 100% perfect, they still performed better than the padlocks that are currently available in today's market. Now, all I see in the market are Chinese made padlocks that I can't even call their names.

There are some padlocks that we still use at home that are as old as 10 years and yet when I buy some of the new padlocks that are available in the Nigerian market, they hardly last up to year before developing problems.

There are a lot of low quality padlocks now in Nigeria and what I've noticed is that they are imported mostly from Middle East countries like China, India and Pakistan. Some even don't have good enough security a they can be opened by other keys not originally designed for them.

A good quality padlock should have a long lifespan of about 2 years based on my thinking and If a padlock can't even last for as much as 6 months, it amounts to a waste of money and a bit more like advanced fee fraud.

I believe that China does make good quality padlocks but the government does not seem to be doing much to regulate the low quality padlocks from Asia that have flooded the Nigerian market.

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