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Posted by on Wednesday December 16, 2015 at 15:26:58:

What do Nigerians buy for the Christmas celebrations? It's a special day and season that is normally celebrated every year by Nigerian families, especially Christians and one of the ways they celebrate it is by buying things for themselves as well as for others.

Here is a list of some things I know that Nigerians buy for Christmas:

1. Live goat or cow: It's very hard to see a traditional Nigerian family that doesn't at least buy a live animal like a goat or cow for their Christmas celebration. Some say prayers of thanksgiving before killing of sacrificing the animal while others don't. Killing of live animals is an important part of celebrations in Nigeria. Some buy their animals for the killing while some buy them as gifts to their relations and friends.

2. Chicken: Live and frozen are purchased for feasting on the D-Day. Most traditional people prefer live Chickens that are made in Nigeria and not imported frozen ones which have been linked to cancer. People prefer receiving live chickens than frozen ones as a Christmas gift.

3. Wine and drinks: Imported as well as local(palm wine) ones are purchased and kept in the store or fridge. A Christmas celebration without drinks is not considered a complete one.

4. Clothes and shoes: They are also purchased on a yearly basis. Most Nigerians don't have time to shop for clothes any other time of the year than before Christmas and so they go out to buy it for their families, themselves or people they want to give it to.

5. Greeting cards: It's becoming an acceptable way to greet people during Christmas as greeting cards convey a message. Some prefer writing it in their own hands while some buy already made ones. Either way, it's considered a way of telling someone you care about them during this period.

6. Christmas hampers: These are well packaged gifts that are contained in a basket and sealed. It contains a variety of items that are mostly edible and for celebrations. People send them to people they love as Christmas gifts.

7. Mobile phones: Nowadays, with the rise in mobile communication, buying a mobile phone for yourself of family as a gift is considered an acceptable way to celebrate Christmas.

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