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Posted by on Tuesday September 22, 2015 at 10:13:8:

Sallah celebrations don't come everyday in Nigeria but when they do, it's normally a good decision to celebrate it joyfully and Sallah celebrations is incomplete without a Sallah ram.

One of the things Muslim faithfuls have to do prior to the Sallah day is to get a befitting ram for the celebration. Some may buy just 1 while some can afford to buy 2 or more but the ultimate goal is to use it for the upcoming feast during which it is to kill and share it to people as food.

Buying a ram for Sallah in Nigeria can be a big task and money is normally involved. It also requires transportation and searching for the right market to buy from. A third thing requires is bargaining or negotiating skills since the price of Sallah rams are not regulated in Nigeria. When a market is located, the prospective buyer takes a look at the rams to choose the one(s) that best suits his status before negotiating for the price and taking it home. At times, such rams tend to get very expensive than during ordinary time just because there is normally a high demand for it. But trust Nigerians, once they've made a desire to buy the ram, they would still buy it even if the market price can at times be outrageous. It would take the skills of a good negotiator to get a good price on a ram for Sallah. At times, buyers do get cheated when buying Sallah rams and it would have been easier if the government or somebody just puts a price limit on the cost of such rams to buyers especially during Sallah.

How do you buy Sallah rams without spending being cheated in terms of price? How do you find the right size and colour of rams that you are looking for? Those are some of the questions buyers in Nigeria normally want answered almost every time they need to get rams to celebrate Sallah.

Well, all these would have been made easier if it was possible for people to buy Sallah rams online and all the details of the contracts would be listed therein.

There are many online shopping websites now in Nigeria but it seems that none of them are selling live animals yet based on what I know but it would be cool if there were to do so and they'd need to include things like weight of the ram, colour of the ram and if free transportation would be included too. They should also include the prices too and state if it can be discounted if possible.

I think Nigerians who own farms where Rams are bred would do well to have an online presence like a website or classified advert that also shows pictures of the animals they are selling.

If it was indeed possible to buy rams online in Nigeria, it would make life easier for many Nigerian Muslims who want to celebrate their Sallah feasts well.

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