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Posted by on Monday August 3, 2015 at 16:17:6:

Why would I want to buy fresh fruits like bananas online? Well, I'm tired of negotiating for prices at roadside sellers and I just want to look for bananas that come at reasonably fixed prices from online stores.

On a particular day, I wanted to buy bananas online in Nigeria. Why would I want to buy fresh fruits online? Well, there has been a lot of online shopping websites showing up in Nigeria and they are doing a lot of advertising so it only made sense for me to try checking them out. I just looked for websites where I can buy bananas online and there were only few I saw. I also wanted to compare prices between the local seller and online sellers.

I'm used to buying bananas at the open market by seeing them first before negotiating for a price. Yes, prices of bananas in Nigeria at the open market is mostly not fixed as you are allowed to negotiate their exorbitant prices. The seller at times would tell me it's N600 and I can negotiate it all the way down to N350 but it doesn't work like that all the time. At times, the seller also sticks to her guns and fix the price at N500 per bunch.

Anyway, after Googling for Nigerians websites where I can buy them online, I saw a few stores but all I saw were a few pictures and less details. I mean, if you are selling fruits online, you should give more details on your offer such as item weight, item size, colour and so on. The only detail I got about bananas that were listed on a particular Nigerian website was the price but there was no indication of the size such as the weight in gram of kg. It's not a good offer and smells like 419. What If I buy the banana and only find out that I'm getting a banana bunch that has only 5 fingers?

The only thing they told me was that they were selling bananas online at N600 for a bunch but I don't know how big or heavy the bunch is. At least give me an average weight so that I can know whether it's imported banana, Igbo banana or Yoruba banana. You know what I mean?

I guess, I'll just stick to buying bananas offline because we Nigerian believe in buying things we see and can negotiate the price before buying it. I may buy bananas and others fruits online but I'm not going to rush into int at least until when online shopping websites that deal with groceries step up their game right.

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