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Many Nigerians still rely on NEPA and power generators just for recharging their phone batteries and I have to say that is a habit that is gradually fading away because there is a better technology that even saves more energy.

It's no longer economically viable to power your generators just to charge the rechargeable batteries for your mobile phones, computers and other electronic gadgets when you are living in Nigeria - A country blessed with abundant sunshine. Tis is even moreso as the price of fuel keeps rising in the country. There is a need for that nation to gradually diversify to other alternative and cleaner forms of energy such as solar energy.

It's even no longer fashionable to rely on NEPA or the power company in Nigeria for charging your batteries and it's even becoming humiliating to visit your friends or family just to charge your phone and some even go to the extent of visiting public places like their church, malls and libraries just to do it. Why not buy your own Solar charger?

When most Nigerians buy an electronic gadget that comes with a rechargeable battery like a mobile phone, the next thing they also go to buy if it's not included in the box is a phone charger and from the report I got, phone chargers cost about N500 to N3000 depending on the device. It is even better to avoid buying them and just go straight ahead to buy a solar charger.

Where can you buy a solar charger if you are in Nigeria? Well, there are many places such as solar product retail stores and online shopping websites. The online shopping websites where Nigerians can buy solar chargers includes Konga, Jumia, Dealdey, Aliexpress, Amazon and others

There are 2 kinds of solar chargers in the market and they are the no battery solar charger and the solar power bank.

The ordinary solar charger is a solar panel or a group of solar cells that doesn't come with a battery bank and can be used to charge a rechargeable battery attached to it from the exterior. It doesn't have any battery included as part of it's component.

A solar power bank on the other hand consists of a solar panel or group of solar cells that comes with an inbuilt battery as part of it's unit.

If your purchase an ordinary solar charger, you can use it to charge your electronic gadget or external power bank on the go as long as there is sunlight by simply attaching it to them. A solar power bank on the other hand will keep charging it's inbuilt battery bank as long as it's in the sun and you can then use the energy stored in the battery to charger your electronic device even when the sun is gone. So, while an ordinary solar charger would not provide any charger after when the sunlight goes off, the solar power bank can still provide a charge.

One benefit of an ordinary solar charger over a solar power bank is that they tend to last longer unlike the solar power bank which dies almost as soon as it's internal battery dies and may only remain useful if it's internal battery can easily be removed and replaced.

What are the benefits of buying a solar charger if you are in Nigeria?

Well, I'm going to list some of them below:

1. Your electronic device can stay charged all day by the power generated from the solar charger

2. You save money on fuel normally used in powering generators just for charging small devices. Yes, you no longer have to power your generator and burn fuel just to charge 2 or even 4 mobile phones when a solar charger can do that for you. You just have to keep it in the sun the previous day to use it at night or the next day.

3. It keeps you connected by keeping your phone fully charged: In Nigeria, it is not a smart thing to rely on the power company alone as it has left many people disappointed and their phones disconnected as a result of their uncharged phone batteries caused by the power cut. With a solar charger, your phone will stay powered on irrespective of whether you are living in the city or remote place in Nigeria for as long as there is sunlight and a solar charging device.

4. It helps reduce air and sound pollution: Older power supply systems like generators tend to pollute the environment and make a lot of noise too but solar charging eliminates all that as it's noiseless and doesn't emit dangerous gases to the atmosphere.

5. It extends battery life: It is reported that charging your phone battery with solar energy actually extends the battery lifespan much longer than charging with electricity from the grid since solar charging provides your batteries with pure Direct Current electrons in a slow and steady manner.

6. It is a safer way to charge smaller devices: When using a solar charging system to charge your devices, the electricity generated is at a much smaller voltage than what the power company supplies to your wall socket and so there is less likelihood of electrocution when using a solar charger.

Buy a Solar charger in Nigeria

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