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Posted by on Thursday May 11, 2017 at 15:51:55:

If a person wants to buy a car engine oil in Nigeria, one thing he may want to consider is the quality of the oil. Sure, when it comes to car engine oil products, there are many brands in the Nigerian market but it ca nbe a bit confusing if you really want to know the best and it may not be wise asking for an answer directly from the engine oil seller as it's better to get an answer from an independent person.

During a conversation with my mechanic, he tried to remind me that it's been over 6 months since I last serviced my car and I told him it's because that I hardly have the time to do so and that I hardly use the car. Besides, I also told him that the oil is still new and doesn't look black enough to warrant a change. If you are using a car, one thing you should do frequently is to check the colour of the engine oil. A good engine oil looks a bit golden yellow or orange but as it goes bad, it gets blacker or darker and by then, it requires a change of not just the oil but also the oil filters.

Well, since it seemed my mechanic was interested in getting paid for a servicing job, I asked him which was the best engine oil in Nigeria as I was getting tired of using the Asian brand that was popular in the market. He told me that it was Mobil 1 but that I'm not likely to buy it since it costs about N13,000 for a 5 litre gallon?

Last time I bought a 5 litre gallon of engine oil, it was for just N5,000 and so what I did was to first check for the price of the said Mobil 1 engine oil on Konga and Jumia and noticed that the price was really high, at about N33,000 for a pack of 6 bottles but they didn't mention how many litres it was. The bottomline was that it's a bit expensive for the average Nigerian car owner.

Many people buy low quality Nigeria and by many, I'm referring to a majority of Nigerians who feel they shouldn't spend too much money on buying an engine oil for their car but for the really rich Nigerians or those Nigerians who are rich enough to buy high quality stuff for their cars, then buying a good quality oil like Mobile 1 won't be an issue.

Well, I wasn't ready to service my car yet and so I told my mechanic that he should give me more time while I think about it. I'm going to service my car soon to change the engine oil but the type of oil I'm going to use will depend on how much I love my car and how much money I have to spare. Servicing it with the supposedly best engine oil in Nigeria won't be a bad idea because it's more likely to give your car's engine a longer lasting life and better performance.

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