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Posted by on Friday November 4, 2016 at 8:57:40:

There is a new way to shop online and this platform is provided by Jiji on their website and android app which you can get from Google Play.

Jiji is one of the biggest online marketplaces in Nigeria that allows people to buy and sell and it's because they have a lot to offer.

Why should you do business on Jiji? There are quite a number of reasons to do so and this includes the following:

- They have over 600,000 listed adverts on their platform
- They offer a wide variety of categories to choose from
- There are no extra charges or middle men
- Prices are really low for listed stuff

Why you should download their Android app
- It's light and occupies less space
- It makes it easier to use it on your phone than browsing their website
- It saves you money on data use

What buyers get when they use Jiji
- A great variety of products to choose from
- Competitive prices are offered by sellers
- Buyer protection
- You can negotiate with sellers directly

What sellers get when they used Jiji
- They can sell their old stuff
- Ability to post ads for free
- No need to have a physical office or shop
- Ability to grow your target audience

There are lots of things you can buy or sell on Jiji and this includes shoes, clothes, books cars, properties and even jobs.

Just download their Android app or check out their website

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