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Posted by on Monday September 5, 2016 at 15:14:56:

Given the abundant light that God has given to us in Nigeria through the sun during the day and the inability of the local Power company to give us light during the night, it only makes logical sense to store some of that sun's power during the day so as it at night. Without having light at night, many Nigerians would be living in darkness.

Some Nigerians make use of fuel guzzling environmentally poisonous generators to generate power at night and it's not a healthy way to get power. What good is it to use generators to power your homes when it's output kills you slowly? There has been many news reports of Nigerian families wiped off the face of the earth just because they used their generators. While many of us may have survived it, the truth is that the gases emitted by generators are not good for us in the long term. It's better to look for a healthier source of power that doesn't put our health at risk.

It's really hard or almost impossible for our eyes to work at night when there is no light and it gets worse when there is no moon light available and that's why many Nigerians have several ways to avoid that total darkness such as by using an electric generators, battery powered electronics, using kerosene lamps and so on just to be able to see at night. I have to say that all those methods are really more expensive and less environment friendly than if they were to use solar power. With solar power, you can have light in your homes even at night.

A solar lamp can do the job of providing many Nigerian families with light during the night and it can last all through the night depending on how much power they've stored during the day. A solar lamp like other lamps is basically a device that can produce light when it's powered on. It's solar in the sense that it can tap power from the sun in order to do it's work afterwards.

A solar lamp would normally work with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel which can be inbuilt or external. The battery gets charged when sunlight falls on the panels and the longer it has been charged, the longer it can be used at night to give light to users.

Solar lights can reduce your electricity bill
they can work without NEPA/PHCN and they are not dangerous to your health.

While many Nigerian homes have light bulbs connected to the power company, it's also wise to have an independent backup source of light since we live in a country where we never expect power always.

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