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Posted by on Saturday May 16, 2015 at 12:5:11:

I would wish that there are major shoe manufacturing plants in Nigeria that actually measure the feet size of people and get an average size before going out to massively produce shoes that actually fit Nigerians. As a result of their absence, many Nigerians still buy imported shoes and this is making the Naira weaker while foreign currencies like the US dollar is getting stronger.

One of the things I've noticed about some Nigerians is that they prefer wearing slippers or sandals and this is not really because they can't afford to buy shoes but it's just that they don't have easy access to shoes that fit their feet correctly and comfortably.

Some Nigerians I know have big feet and I have to say that there are not many stores or even online shopping websites that sell shoes that fit their size. Many of those local shoe retailers tend to sell shoes they import from Asian countries like China or Italy and most of their shoes are for small feet sized people and they were produced massively for people with averagely sized feet. The shoe manufacturing world now only seems to make shoes that fit the masses and for them, this means producing small shoes at least from the view point of some Nigerians.

Many Nigerians really do have big feet and it's not just the men but the women also. Some women don't like wearing their shoes to work because they are too small or not the right size and because they don't feel comfortable wearing them, they normally carry them in bags while they wear flip flops on their way to work.

Where does a Nigerian who has big feet get to buy shoes? Well, this is why I normally recommend that they don't limit their shopping to just local shopping websites or stores but try to check out Amazon USA's shopping site too. If you have big feet, you may not find it easy finding the right shoe size for yourself in Nigeria sine there are not any major shoe manufacturers in Nigeria and the imported ones are mostly smaller in size. It would just be easier for you to buy them from Amazon.

I've bought a lot of things from Amazon and some of them includes comfortable designer shoes that fit my feet exactly. I no longer have to buy shoes that are too big or too small for me since I now know how to shop smartly online. I don't have big feet but the best shoes I've worn so far that I never get tired of are the ones I bought from Amazon. Most shoes made in the USA come in variety of sizes and it mostly fits the big feet of Nigerians very well. It may cost a bit extra but it's better to just buy good quality that will last for a long time.

Another place I know that Nigerians get shoes that fit them well if they have big feet is from local shoe makers. These are basically small shoe operating factories that don't normally produce shoes in large scale but based on custom design and in smaller units. They are not normally of the same high quality as imported ones because of the older or fewer machines used but they can be comfortable. A majority of shoes they make are what we refer to as Aba made shoes and they are also normally made with good leather.

If you decide to buy shoes from Amazon like I do whether you have a big feet or irregularly sized feet, then it's a good decision because I've tried it out too. One of the first things you need to do is know your feet size. What size of shoes will really fit your feet? You need to first of all measure your feet or bring out a shoe that already fits you to check for the size.

After you've known your shoe size, you can then head over to Amazon's shoe section and search for the shoe designs you want, select your size, add them to your cart and purchase them.

Amazon may be able to ship the shoes directly to you in Nigeria and for that you only just need to provide your Nigerian address as the shipping address. If however, they don't offer shipping to Nigeria yet, you can always ship it to your US shipping agent who will finally ship it to Nigeria to you for an extra fee. The US shipping agent will provide you with a US address to be used as you shipping address when buying things on Amazon that they can't ship directly to Nigeria. It is that easy.

Buy shoes on Amazon
Get a US shipping agent

Re: Where to buy shoes if you have big feet in Nigeria Reply by buckles by pius on Saturday June 20, 2015 at 4:5:36:

Do you have big feet, and Want shoes with great finishing and quality. Call buckles by pius on 08175750775 or email bucklesbypius@gmail.com he'll hook you up with that dream shoe

Re: Where to buy shoes if you have big feet in Nigeria Reply by Nancy on Wednesday December 30, 2015 at 17:50:7:

I wear a size 13 (45) and buy my own shoes from Prinziah big feet. They sell lovely shoes that are affordable and very strong too... Gone are the days getting my size was a problem...walk up and down Ikeja and Balogun looking for my size lol. Now na to sit down for house and order the shoe.. So anybody still walkin around ikeja, oshodi lookin for ur size jst call or whatsapp them 08133415730..thank me lara ;)

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