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Posted by on Tuesday August 5, 2014 at 16:9:10:

There are many online shopping websites right now in Nigeria but not all of them offer the same service as Konga does and this is just a review of my shopping experience with them.

In Nigeria, it can be hard going to the local market in order to buy the things you want directly, even from the dealers because at times you might just not have the chance or might not be able to bargain or negotiate a good price and some of these reasons are why I love shopping online using the power of the internet. Prices are fixed and displayed in advance, the offer is fully stated and you avoid the traffic and queues.

When it comes to online shopping in Nigeria, one of the popular websites I normally use is Konga. It is one of the largest online shopping websites in Nigeria as they do have quite a large number of items for sale.

I got to know about Konga from adverts I normally see on the web, banners and local dailies. You know it can be really hard not to notice it when big giants in the online shopping niche wish to make their presence known and that's how I believe many online shoppers in Nigeria also got to know about them. For people who love or wish to shop at shopping websites like Amazon or at least have the Amazon-like experience, sites like Konga.com have come to the rescue as its a local brand that accepts payment in Naira.

One thing I love about Konga first of all is their website. It's so easy to use and it's beautifully designed. I love the fact that on the home page, you'd get to see a lot of stuff to buy and items are also listed by categories making it easy to just browse through them for what you want. You'd also be able to see items that are on sale at reasonably good prices.

To get started with Konga, one just needs to register with an email address and also include his phone number for record purposes. You can even just register easily if you already have a Facebook account too.

Once you are registered, all you need to do is look for those items you'd want to buy and there are quite a larger number of them available at Konga. You'd find items like laptops, ipads, mobile phones, clothing, shoes, furniture, home and kitchen items and so on.

I recently bought an electronic gadget at Konga and it was quite easy ordering. All i needed to do was add it to cart and chose to checkout. On checking out, one is asked to chose his form of payment and shipping address. Konga has a variety of payment platforms such as debit card, cash on delivery and so on. I chose the cash on delivery because I want to receive the item myself before paying. I din't want anyone else to receive it on my behalf.

One good thing about Konga is that they deliver fast. Mine took just 24 hrs and it was delivered. I also read somewhere that they can do same day delivery if one orders early like in the morning. Anyway, after making the online order and choosing to pay on delivery, a customer service would normally call you on the your registered phone just to confirm the order you've just placed.

After the order confirmation, the next step is the delivery. If they can't deliver soon, they'd tell you in advance and when the items is on the way, you'd also get a phone call from the Konga staff doing the delivery and asking if you are at home or office and ready to receive it.

I waited just a bit for mine and knew when it was coming and received it easily when it was delivered. On delivery, I just checked out the package and confirmed that it's what I ordered for and then made payment for the item in cash. I think you can make payment in cash and debit card as well as at the time of delivery if you want.

So, there are basically 3 things I love about Konga - The fast delivery, the large inventory and the pay on delivery option.

Re: My Online shopping experience with Konga Reply by mikkie on Wednesday September 3, 2014 at 18:3:59:

My experience was below my expectation.
I ordered for an equipment on friday, i received a call almost immediately to confirm the order which i did. Next day saturday, i received an email that the package has been shipped. I was impressed on the speed to conclude the packaging and shipping, so i waited for the package to get here on monday, since from Lagos to Port Harcourt either by road or air should not take more than 1 day (sunday)

As I write this letter today is wednesday, the packaged status is still being shipped. My question is must the package stay the normal 4 to 6 working days? If it were to be a remote town without good transportation I wouldn't be worried.

Re: My Online shopping experience with Konga Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday September 3, 2014 at 18:3:59:

Perhaps, they are not ready to ship it to you yet. Whenever they are ready and your shipment is on the way, they would call you and tell you it's on the way. If you don't want it that day, I think you can always tell them to come another day.

Re: My Online shopping experience with Konga Reply by abdulaziz saad on Sunday November 30, 2014 at 22:51:12:

My experience was not as expected also. i ordered something since last week and yet i dont hear from them, even the call was not made to me but my order was verified.

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