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Posted by on Monday August 4, 2014 at 16:25:40:

If you have already registered for Paypal Nigeria and want to start using your Naira card to shop and pay online with Paypal, then you can do so on some international shopping websites that ship to Nigeria.

Why go for foreign websites that ship to Nigeria? Well, first of all because it's cheaper and secondly, it eliminates the need to pay a mail forwarding provider to ship it to you. I recently bought an item from China based website and paid with my Paypal Nigeria account and item has been sent to me.

There is a growing list of Chinese based shopping websites nowadays that offer international buyers the ability to buy most things made in China and be able to get it shipped to their country. Most of these China based websites offer buyers a website that can be translated into various languages such as English, Spanish and so on. It also offers buyers an opportunity to save money on shipping by choosing their own shipping service. Buyers could also choose to get it faster through a courier service if they want to but that costs more.

Why buy from China? Well, it's because the world now buys from China because most of the manufacturing nowadays are done in China even though they might do a bit of branding to make it look like a local company is producing it. Even the little things we see in supermarkets and shopping malls nowadays would mostly have the country of origin as China if you look closely.

I've noticed that most of the stuff we buy locally are normally priced a bit much higher than their retail or wholesale prices on the Chinese shopping websites.

One cool website I recently discovered is called MiniInTheBox and the cool thing about them is that they accept Paypal payments from Nigeria. In fact, for now, Paypal is their sole payment platform and this works for me since I now have a valid Paypal account from Nigeria which I can use for online shopping.

Although there is another cool website in China called Aliexpress that also offers direct shipping to most countries worldwide, including Nigeria, it seems they only accept payments in USD and don't accept Paypal yet.

The thing about shopping with Paypal on shopping websites like MiniInTheBox is that it protects you by preventing you from exposing your debit/credit card details to all of them and only to Paypal. Paypal also allows you to make payments in foreign currencies and on foreign websites even with a Naira currency account.

With MiniInTheBox, you can open an account for free and choose to buy anything you want. You can pay with Paypal and have the item delivered to you in your country either using an affordable postal service or a faster courier service. The good thing is that you can estimate the total cost of getting the item in your country even before placing your order.

I think using sites like MiniInTheBox is a cool way to buy from China and still pay with Paypal.

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