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Posted by on Tuesday May 6, 2014 at 17:15:8:

With so many online shopping websites in Nigeria to choose from but only very few with a large inventory or products and reliable services, it only makes sense for Nigerians to gradually choose and stick to those ones that best serves them and one of such is Konga.

A Kongaholic is simply a person who loves to shop on Konga.

Konga has a growing number of fans who are shoppers and because they have a growing and undying love for the brand, this is probably what makes us refer to them as Kongaholics.

If you've bought things at Konga and loved the shopping experience, chances are that your would want to keeo coming back. They do offer some of the best shopping deals in town and you could actually be losing money if you were shopping elsewhere.

Kongaholics stay subscribed to Konga and receive updates in their email such that when their shopping needs coincide with such cool offers, they know it's time to bring it home.

A Kongaholic knows when to shop, how to shop and how to make payment. He can decide what product he wants by browsing through a gallery of listed products and knows how muhc he has to pay for it.

A Kongaholic hardly gets disappointed with his order because he knows his way around and if there were any delays, he knows how to contact customer service to easily rectify the order.

Are you a Kongaholic?

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