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Posted by on Tuesday June 25, 2013 at 15:15:18:

As a Naijaholic, one of the things I craved was to be able to do things which may pose a serious challenge to others and then find a way out of the problem. One of those challenges was eBay and another was Paypal. These companies don't accept members from Nigeria but I think there is an exception to their rule.

Sure, Ebay doesn't allow you to register from Nigeria and so does Paypal but if you are Nigerian resident in the USA or other accepted country, you are welcome to shop on these sites. So, one sure way of getting an account from Ebay is by making use of a US ip address and residential address.

Of course, I know we've now got a couple of local shopping websites in Nigeria such as Jumia and Konga, but there are just some times when I prefer shopping on ebay and this is mostly due to the fact that there are some things that are not available on these local websites.

Shopping on Ebay from Nigeria is actually harder than shopping on Amazon from Nigeria and I'll also write about the latter later on.

I've been shopping on Ebay for quite a long time even before Konga and Jumia launched their websites and still do so when I want to buy from some American stores or just want to spend my Paypal funds.

Yes, Paypal is actually the number one means of payment acceptable at Ebay.com and it is one of the ways I convert my Paypal funds to Naira. I could buy goods like tabltes or laptops, have them shipped to Nigeria and then sell them for cash in Naira to people who may need them.

Paypal is the best option for making payments on Ebay as a Nigeria but you shouldn't announce the fact that you are a Nigerian so that you don't scare Ebay sellers. Sure, they've had their own share of Nigerian buyers who've given us a bad name and that's why both Paypal won't accept you if you intend shopping and shipping any item to Nigeria. In fact, they won't even register you.

There is always a way out to shop on Ebay.com even if your country is restricted. Sure, you could have friends living in America buy things for you and then ship it to you using an international courier. You could however avoid troubling your friends by simply doing your own shopping on Ebay straight from your home in Nigeria.

How I do it
- First subscribed for a dedicated US ip address using a VPN service
- Connected to the internet and then connected to my ip address
- Got a US shipping address
- Used my Shipping address to register at Ebay.com
- Also used the same address for Paypal
- Verifying Paypal if I want to by making use of a Payoneer mastercard account's virtual bank account
- Browsing for items I want to buy
- Selected and bought items
- Paying with Paypal funds
- Shipping to my US address
- Paid for final shipping to Nigeria
- Tracking the shipping to Nigeria

Tools I used
I've been able to shop many times on Ebay and the basic tools I used were:
1. VPN service
2. US shipping account
3. Nigerian issued Visa/Mastercard
4. Paypal account

I hope this was useful.

Re: How to shop on eBay and ship to Nigeria Reply by Annonymous on Wednesday September 10, 2014 at 8:59:35:

I was wondering if you are still using this cuz i know ebay is good at
flagging and penalizing users for such.

Also, I dont think i fully understood your explanation on how to use
the service. Did you mean you post to a genuine US address and then
that US resident ships it down to Nigeria for you. Or do you use a
dummy US address, if yes, how then do you get it shipped to you in

Please clarify this aspect.
Also clarify if the use of VPN is still effective.

Re: How to shop on eBay and ship to Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday September 10, 2014 at 9:11:52:

Yes, I'm still using my US VPN service because it gives me a permanent US IP address which is ok for US Paypal and eBay. Don't waste your time using those anonymous free IP providers but rather subscribe to a paid VPN plan.

Secondly, I don't use a dummy US address because I've also subscribed to a US mail forwarding service which gives me a real US address and ships my goods to Nigeria.

Get a US VPN
Get US Mail forwarding service

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