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In Nigeria, one of the biggest periods during which people spend the most of their money on shopping is during the Christmas season. To Christians, it is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ whom they regard as their Lord and Saviour. To Muslims, it's a big feast for Christians and also a period to enjoy the holidays as well as share in the celebration with their Christian friends. To all Nigerians, it's basically a time to stay away from work, go on a holiday and be able to at least eat the money they have been working for since the beginning of the year while at the same time have time to prepare for the coming year.

There is no longer holiday period in Nigeria that I know of like the Christmas season and this period has it's peak on the 25th of December every year but before the time approaches, Nigerians prefer taking time out in order to buy things for themselves as well as sending gifts their loved ones.

Shopping for Christmas is what a lot of people do in Nigeria but the shopping normally begins a few days or weeks before the D-Day. For some people, it's a time to buy things like new clothes, new shoes, new furniture or a new car. Things like food items are also not left out of the shopping list and items like bags of rice, red meat, chicken, turkey and fish top the list. Some people might chose to buy live animals like cows, goats, turkeys or chickens while some would just prefer frozen meats.

People also like to buy things they are going to use to offer as a thanksgiving to God or for charity by sharing with their neighbors in the city or village.

There are a lot of things people buy during Christmas and these includes things like food items, home and kitchen electronics, clothes, shoes, perfumes, greeting cards, Christmas hampers, fireworks, music CDs,

They normally start shopping for Christmas many days or weeks before the 25th of December because of many reasons such as avoiding the rush and queues during late shopping, getting discounts on pre-Christmas shopping, avoiding inflated prices as a result of late buying and to also avoid having to experience stockouts.

It is during Christmas that Nigerians spend most of their income and they do this because it's one of the longest holidays they get to spend with their family and it's also a time to spend a big chunk of the income they'be been making for that year.

During their shopping activities, they normally visit many markets and major merchants in order to by the things they need. Popular among the local markets being visited are the ones that sell food items and textile. The most common food item normally purchases includes bags of rice, chicken and cows. Some Nigerians who also want to buy clothes for Christmas might buy ready made clothes or textile materials and give them to their tailors for sowing many weeks before Christmas. New shoes are also an important items normally purchased during Christmas.

During Christmas shopping, Nigerians normally buy things for themselves and also gifts for their loved ones like their children, parents and other relatives who they may visit later on and present them with gifts.

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