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Posted by on Saturday November 29, 2014 at 11:57:26:

I've heard of Black Friday shopping before as I normally watch news on CNN and I know it's something common in the USA where they celebrate thanksgiving and Black Friday normally happens on Friday following the last Thursday in November. That last Thursday is the day they normally celebrate thanksgiving and then on Friday, they start pre-Christmas shopping.

It's a smart shopping to start shopping for Christmas quite early as this helps one to save high prices normally associated with waiting to shop during Christmas season. Many merchants and shopping malls in the USA know that US buyers normally start shopping on Black Friday and because of that, they started offering huge discounts to attract customers and this became known as Black Friday shopping deals.

With many US merchants, Christmas shoppers can really ave money by buying items at discounted prices. Some of these items can be discounted as much as 70% and this makes it really more attractive to buyers. People are more likely to buy items they need if they are reasonably priced but they are more likely to buy anything useful as long as they've been discounted by sellers and this makes black Friday deals really attractive to buyers in the USA.

Pre-Christmas and year end shopping is something not just common only to people in the USA but also to people in Nigeria and things like Black Friday deals are also creeping up. Nigerians don't really know what Black Friday means nor is it a common phrase used among shoppers but online shopping giants in the country have started introducing it as the best day for getting the best discounts on prices.

Black Friday shopping deals is what shopping companies in Nigeria are now introducing and are trying to make it popular among Nigerians. More and more Nigerian shoppers have been captivated by a lot of adverts being run by these companies and have been waiting anxiously for the D-Day in order to take advantage of shopping for Christmas at reduced prices.

Among the popular shopping companies in Nigeria which now promote Black Friday deals are the online shopping websites and they have huge warehouses and also offer deliveries nationwide to the 36 states of the country. They've been marketing the Black Friday shopping event for so long even before the D-Day and this helped to increase their potential customer base.

One problem I've however noticed with thee online shopping websites is that the Black Friday shopping is not always a smooth sailing experience for the buyer as people tend to get disappointed with shopping on that D-Day. There is even a growing feeling among Nigerian shoppers that Black Friday shopping deals don't really exist and that shopping websites only display goods in order to attract customers but in essence will never be able to buy those items.

Do shopping websites in Nigeria only advertise Black Friday deals only as a publicity stunt and display prices at hugely discounted levels just to attract shoppers to do window shopping? How many Nigerians have really bought items during Black Friday shopping? Some of the problems being experienced by Nigerian shoppers when shopping online on Black Friday includes things like: Website not available, Buy Now buttons not working, Order cancelled and so on. In some cases, it ends up with the website offering a public apology to customers only after Black Friday has ended telling customers that traffic was not anticipated and that's why the website was shut down.

Well, I know that too much traffic can at times pull down a website no matter how popular the website it is but these Nigerian websites have become so big enough that they can afford to migrate to a much better web hosting platform that never fails. Imagine hearing that a shopping websites like Aliexpress or Amazon has gone offline just because of too many shoppers. Well, since Black Friday was expected, Nigerian shopping companies should have been prepared for it and have put things in place so that customers will get served right.

As a result of the fact that Black Friday shopping leaves a lot of Nigerians a bit unsatisfied and regretful, many are beginning to wonder if it really is for real or whether the shopping companies are just taking Nigerians for a ride. Are the Black Friday deals being promoted by these websites really on offer is it is just another Nigerian scam? Would Nigerians really be able to buy anything they want on Black Friday or will shopping websites keep going offline when the D-Day arrives? It's one thing to tell people they can buy stuff at a particular price and another thing to actually provide a reliable platform where they can actually buy that stuff. It's time Nigerian merchants who offer Black Friday shopping deals start being straight forward with their offers rather than letting Nigerians feel they've been taken on a Wild goose chase.

Black Friday shopping deals are mostly offered to Nigerians as the year runs out and a few weeks before Christmas. It normally happens on the Friday following USA's thanksgiving day and it's a time when people are lured to buy a lot of stuff at really low prices. Some people might decide to buy all the things they'd need for their homes during that time while some might just buy small only things they'd need during Christmas.

If I had enough money and decide to shop on Black Friday, I would rather use it to buy all the things I'd need for the upcoming year and this might include things like electronic gadgets, clothing, shoes and so on.

Some of the Shopping websites in Nigeria that offer Black Friday shopping deals include the following:


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