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Posted by on Monday November 17, 2014 at 9:41:5:

The latest but affordable Android phone every fan of Infinix phone has been waiting for in Nigeria is finally coming to town and this was made known at a launch that took place at Protea Hotel Ikeja on November 14th. The phone is expected to be released by November 21st 2014 and just in time for Chrismas.

Like the Infinix Zero, Infinix Hot is going to be a touch screen smart phone that also comes with the latest Android operating system. It would be a bit smaller and is a budget friendly phone which is moderately priced at less than N13000.

Some important things to note about this phone is that it's going to be sold exclusively on Konga.com and would also come with a free nationwide delivery within Nigeria as well as come with a year warranty which will be covered by CarlCare Nigeria.

At the event which had about 40 guest present, there were a couple of media representatives from the newspaper houses as well as the online blogging communities. They were entertained by Owen Gee who also did some marketing for the Android phone that was coming to town soon.

There were also speeches from Infinix executives as well as Konga executives both of who have partnered to promote Infinix branded products.

I have to confess, there are many Android smartphones in the market but the ones produced by Infinix are among the best I've seen so far. They can be compared to brands like Samsung or Sony but they come with a more appealing price tag.

The Infinix Hot X507 phone has most of the features of the Infinix Zero which are bluetooth Touchscreen, Wifi, Wifi tethering(Mobile hotspot), Video calling, web browsing, Games, Android apps, 5MP camera and so on. The back over also glows at night since it's made of a luminous material. It also allows installation of Android apps from third party sources so that means I can install Amazon's appstore onto it and get access to my cloud hosted apps.

As at the time of writing this, Infinix X507 is not yet available but will be by November 21 and you can buy it from Konga

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