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Posted by on Monday November 3, 2014 at 13:41:6:

I have to confess, I used to buy Okrika(used) clothes at Yaba railway market when I was a student although I also used to get new clothes from friends who travel abroad as well as patronize boutiques at times. Lately however, I have found a better way to buy good quality clothes without having to break the bank and without having to feel cheated. I now buy clothes from Amazon USA while in Nigeria.

One thing about buying stuff from Amazon is that it allows you to buy products directly from a seller's retail stores and at the right price too. Amazon shopping for clothes saves you money and comes at a good quality too.

Lately, most of the clothes I've been wearing in Nigeria have been purchased from Amazon and there are a variety of clothes to choose from whether it's for casual or office wears. You'd find your exact size for shirts, short sleeves, Polo, t-shirts and even trousers or jeans.

Here is a breakdown of how I buy clothes from Amazon while in Nigeria.

1. I got to Amazon Clothing center and search for clothes e.g. Van Heusen short sleeves

2. I checkout which ones I want, knowing my size also and adding them to my cart. You need to know your exact size before buying clothes online as an international shopper.

3. I pay with my Nigerian issued Visa or Mastercard

4. My bank accounts gets debited with the equivalent Dollar value in Naira

5. My ordered clothes get shipped to My US address within about 5 working days

6. I get an email that my package has been received by my US shipping agent

7. I request for shipping to Nigeria and within 5 working days, I get it in Lagos Nigeria from DHL. I am able to track it online and know which day they are actually coming.

It is that easy. One way to save money on shipping when buying light products like clothes on Amazon is to simply buy in bulk. Rather than buying one or 2 clothes, you can save money by buying maybe 10. This because Shipping costs tend to decrease per unit as the weight increases.

So, while a 1kg package of clothes might cost you about $60 to ship to Nigeria, 10kg could cost just $300 rather than $600 and that has automatically reduced your shipping cost per item shipped.

Also, note that custom duties might be required of you when importing clothes into Nigeria. It is not much as it's less than 5% of your purchase price. I think you are likely to get charged custom duties if you buy lots of clothes e.g. clothes worth over $600.

The reason why I'm able to easily buy stuff on Amazon is because I have a reliable US mail forwarding company that helps me get my item to Nigeria within about 5 working days.

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