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You can now buy books online even if you are living in Nigeria as there are now a good number of reliable online book shopping websites that are available to you.

Books are an important part of humanity especially in this 21st century. Without books, a lot of information would have been lost and a lot of what happened in our history may have been forgotten. Books are what has helped humanity to store knowledge for hundreds of centuries and they are still relevant as of today.

The human memory has a limit to the amount of knowledge it can store and this lasts only during its existence but books can last for a thousand years.

Without books, a lot of us today would not have had the same knowledge that we have now and there would be nothing like a formal institution of learning. Books are what help humans to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next so that it may not be lost. They act as a storage and transmission platform for human knowledge.

Nigerians love to read books and its commonly used in schools and higher institutions. Even after formal educational training, humans still find books extremely useful for a lot of things such as information, inspiration, research, entertainment and so on.

Being in ownership of books normally comes at a cost which is mostly as a result of the fact that these books are printed on paper and it involves some sacrifices in form of money. The cost of printing or publishing books is finally passed down to the final user. So, in order for a person to have access to books, he may need to pay for it with money.

There are a lot of markets where one can buy books in Nigeria and these markets normally do have a lot of retailers that have purchased books at wholesale prices from the distributors and original publishers. The books will then be sold at retail prices to people who may need to have rights to reading them.

Buying books at the local market in Nigeria can be a bit stressful as one would have to sacrifice one's finance, time and energy for things like transportation, visiting several stores, making inquiries and negotiate prices before finally buying a book. It is not easy to buy books physically and that's why I recommend you just buy them on the internet.

With the internet, people can now shop for any books they want as long as they are connected to it. The internet offers and online platform for people who may want to shop for things like books, clothes, shoes, electronics and any other thing that can be sold in a market.

There are a growing number of online shopping sites in Nigeria who now sell books and you'd find them in various niches such as Educational, Stories, Novels,

Personally, as a kid, some of my favourite Nigerian story book writers include Chinua Achebe, Onuora Nzekwu, Cyprian Ekwensi and because of their books Things fall apart, Eze goes to school and The Drummer boy respectively. Now that I'm an adult, I prefer reading books related to history, inspiration and technology.

Websites where Nigerians can buy books online
Here are some cool links where you can buy books online in Nigeria:

- Konga
- Jumia Books
- Amazon
- Debonair Bookstore
- Laterna Books

If you are buying from a local shopping website in Nigeria, you can choose to pay with your Card(e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Verve) or cash on delivery. Some of them deliver to your door step while some allow you to do a pickup at their office.

If you are buying from a foreign website like Amazon, they will also ship to you in Nigeria but it may take longer unless you choose a faster shipping using a reliable courier like DHL. Amazon also accepts Nigeria issued cards like Visa or Mastercard but if your's doesn't work initially, you should tell your bank to enable it for shopping on Amazon.

So, whether you enjoy reading novels, stories, educational or inspirational books, don't just waste your time and energy going out physically to shop for them if you haven't tried buying them from any of the above online stores I've already listed.

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