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Posted by on Friday December 25, 2015 at 12:2:33:

I was requested by someone to help pay for his DSTV subscription and this was for the month of January and he wanted it paid in advance such as befoe Christmas so as not to be burdened wit hthat issue by the time the New Year rolls in. If you use DSTV in Nigeria, you'd konw that it's always better to pay for your subscription in adcance rather than later so that you don't get disconnected because there is no grace period and also to avoid the stress involved in reconnecting even after making payment.

So, my friend wanted me to pay for his DSTV service because I know how to make use of online payments as I can pay for it using my mobile phone. Well, I agreed and he gave me the full amount for DSTV premium as well as an extra N100 which is the charge online payment platforms normally charge when making online payments and the total was about N14200.

However, before I proceeded to make the payment, I searched online to see if there were any promos or discounts DSTV was running in Nigeria during the month of December and because Christmas was also approaching. I swa nothing but the case was different with Startimes since they were offering a 2 months subscription if customers at least paid for 1 month in advance. DSTV was basically not doing any offers or promos even for the Christmas season and one still had to pay the fill amount.

Anyway, since I was also a Kongaholic(One who loves to checkout and/or buy things from Konga), I soon found myself browsing on Konga and noticed that they were also selling DSTV subscription but it came with a discount offer of 5% for people who at least make use of Konga Pay as their means of payment. Well, if using Konga Pay would allow me to at least get a discount for renewing my DSTV subscription, I don't mind signing up for it and I chose to buy the offer.

The cost of renewing the DSTV premium account was N13,980 and there was also no extra charge of N100 on it which I normally pay when using some mobile banking apps. I also reasoned that with the 5% discount, I only had to pay just 95% of the fee for DSTV premium and that would just be N13281 instead of the N13,980 it originally is because of Konga Pay. I signed up for Konga Pay and linked my bank account using my original bank details and BVN. I received an SMS OTP which I also used in confirming the account and completing my Konga Pay registration.

I selected the offer and when I reached the payment stage, I noticed that the fee had been reduced by 5% to N13281 and that was already saving me about N600.

I was able to get a discount when paying for DSTV subscription by buying the offer on Konga and also registering and paying with Konga Pay. A 5% discount leaves a good feeling to the customer when paying for bills and I'm happy that Konga was offering this during Christmas.

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