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In Nigeria, internet usage is growing and in Africa, Nigeria really leads in the number of people who surf the web.

When it comes to making money, a lot of Nigerians are concerned about it since there are a large number of people who still live on less than a dollar a day. Making money is what a lot of people would love to know but making money online is what a lot of youths are already into.

There are a growing number of ways which people make money online in Nigeria and I would just want to list some of them here:

1. Article publishing
2. Video publishing
3. Selling online
4. Freelancing
5. Affiliate marketing
6. Online forex trading

Article publishing
This basically has to do with writing and publishing articles on a website. The way you can make money with this is by accepting advertising from companies either directly or indirectly using advertising networks like Google, Bidvertiser, AdDynamo or Clicksor. Writing articles for publishing helps a website to get traffic from search engines and the more traffic that site gets, the higher its potential to make money.

Video publishing
This is also a kind of internet publishing whereby you create and publish videos to the web. A good site for doing this is on YouTube and it allows you to make money either from advertising or by combining it with affiliate marketing. The idea is to get traffic for the videos you've published and use it as a tool to make money.

Selling online
This is basically a straightforward way to make money and this is what top level internet merchants basically do. They offer digital or physical products for sale on their websites and then people can buy them after which it would be delivered. Products or services could be sold online using the internet and what a merchant basically has to do is develop a product and market it on the internet by establishing an online presence and selling store.

This has to do with using your computer skills to offer services on the internet and in most cases by making use of freelancing communities. A freelancer basically gets registered on a dealing website where employers and employees meet, a project is awarded and the employer pays the money into an escrow account while the employee or freelancer is expected to deliver on the job within the agreed time interval. After the work has been satisfactorily done, the employer accepts it and the employee is paid by the third party who held the escrow account.

Affiliate marketing
This is an online marketing for products or services of a merchant and it involves an internet marketer entering into an affiliate agreement with a seller whereby he would get a commission for every sale or buyer he refers to the seller. Most affiliate commissions are set at 10% of sales price. Nowadays, top affiliate marketers make use of content websites to drive traffic to their merchant websites. They only earn a commission when their referral actually buys the product or service.

Online Forex trading
This is basically buying, holding and selling major world currencies online in order to make profit. A forex trader makes use of an online trading platform connected to the internet to buy currencies like the USD or Euro and hold them until it appreciates. Selling them off after appreciation always results in a profit for the buyer. It is a risky business since currency prices are not 100% predictable but experienced traders do make a living from doing this.

There are probably a lot of other ways to make money online in Nigeria and it involves making use of the internet to get some credit. Every online activity can be monetized in one way or the other and it only takes a smart person to figure out how.

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