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Affiliate marketing is a technique skilled people use in making some good money from sales. When businesses make a lot of sales, some of those leads are likely to have been made via referrals but referrals don't always get paid.

As an Affiliate marketer however, you can make money by referring a buying audience. All this basically involves is understanding the product/service your are promoting and promoting it to the people you socially connect with.

In Nigeria, there is a growing number of affiliate marketers and they make use of the internet to automatically generate sales for their merchants.

Online affiliate marketing has to do with participating in affiliate programs that earn you a commission for attracting buyers to a merchant. The merchant in this case is someone who has the goods or services to offer and offers them eventually to a buyer who has paid. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to bridge that gap between the buyer and seller and get a pre-agreed reward based on the amount of sales you promote.

If you are in Nigeria and interested in making money as an online affiliate marketer, you'd need to have an internet service, identify a merchant, sign an agreement as an affiliate and then bring buyers to that merchant.

There are lots of affiliate programs available to Nigerians and these can offer goods or services to clients who buy and then you get a kickback for that traffic.

You would earn your commission which would steadily grow over a period of time and when your earnings reach the payment limit, you would get paid through a variety of means such as foreign cheque, merchant's gift cars, bank wire or other acceptable payment system in Nigeria.

One of the first things you should consider before applying for an affiliate program from Nigeria is the payment systems available. Don't sign up with merchants that offer payments that don't work for you. Avoid the ones too that don't offer a transparent system of checking your referrals else they could be cheating you of your traffic.

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