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Posted by on Sunday May 14, 2017 at 12:36:4:

As at 2017, I've noticed that one of the most commonly worn fashion item by Nigerian women is fake hair. It's not their original hair and although many of them are born with their own natural hair, they've mostly grown up to believe that their natural hair is less superior to fake hair which is mostly imported.

Fake hair is one of the most commonly sought after item by Nigerian women and while some of them are actual human hair cut off from the heads of foreigners, others are just made artificially by scientists. What worries me is that many Nigerian women spend more than what their monthly income can afford just to purchase or maintain their fake hair.

The Nigerian woman of the 19th century is quite different from the Nigerian woman of the 21st century and one remarkable difference between them is the fact that the 21st century Nigerian woman believes she can't look beautiful or fashionable without hiding her original hair. Yes, a lot of Nigerian woman now wear a lot of fake things just to look beautiful and it's really making our society look so fake. They wear fake hair, fake shoulders, fake boobs, fake ass pads, fake nails, fake skin colour and many other fake things just to feel accepted by the public.

When it comes to many fake things that Nigerian women wear, there is a lot to talk about but I just want t focus on the issue of fake hair. Some of these fake hair that they put on in form of wigs or hair attachments tend to make them look quite different from what they really are. At times, fake hair reduces their ability to see clearly as it covers part of their faces. It also adds extra weight to their head and that's why we hear some Nigerian women complaining of headaches or bend their heads while working. It's all because of the foreign hair which they're buying up.

Nigerian women can look beautiful and fashionable just by maintaining their original hair and without the need to use fake hair which is not naturally designed for them.

Why do many Nigerian women in 2017 love wearking fake hair so much? I think one of the main reasons for that is because of the influence of foreign media. A lot of Nigerian women who patronize fake hair have been brainwashed by watching foreign TV and movies which have made them to think that long and soft hair is good. The natural Nigerian hair is seen as too thick and short unlike foreign hair which is softer and longer. They've been made to believe that the foreign hair is good by simply watching foreign TV and reading fashion magazines. Instead of them watching local Nigerian tv and movies, they prefer watching foreign tv the more.

Another reason is also as a result of fashion trends in Nigeria. Some women who wear fake hair just because everyone they know are doing so and fore them, they just have to follow the trend just to feel accepted and look new. They feel that doing so would be an upgrade from the way they looked in the past as they believe change is good.

A third reason why I believe that some Nigerian love wearing fake hair is because of societal or peer pressure. There are some women who don't mind maintaining their natural Nigerian hair by weaving or combing it but because they get abused or neglected by friends and family members because they've not subscribed to it, they just chose to do it just to avoid the pressure.

A fourth reason why I think that Nigerian women love wearing fake hair is as a result of laziness to maintain their natural Nigerian hair. Some of them just don't want to be washing or shampooing their hair from time to time as it's more easier for them to just wear a wig or attachment for a much longer time.

Personally, I believe that Nigerian women can still look beautiful with their original hair and without the need for wearing fake hair but if anyone wants to wear fake hair, it shouldn't be with the mentality that Nigerian hair is less beautiful.

Nowadays in Nigeria, it's very hard to see women especially the working ones who don't wear fake hair as it seems like over 60% of them are already doing so to the detriment of the Nigerian economy. However, I've seen quite a couple of women who don't use fake hair and still look beautiful doing so.

The Nigerian hair can be made to look beautiful by frequent washing, moisturizing, combing or weaving. It doesn't matter if it's thicker or not as long as imported hair. It's very nature is what makes it Nigerian and you don't see foreigners importing Nigerian hair into their countries for personal use. We should get rid of that negative mentality.

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