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Posted by on Tuesday September 6, 2016 at 10:48:59:

It's raining already and September is one of the months during which rain falls frequently in Nigeria after a short August break. The beautiful country located in West Africa has 2 main seasons in a year which are the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is the period during which rain fall normally happens and this occurs between March to the middle of October before the dry season starts. So, if you want to know when the rainy season will end in Nigeria, then it's by October ending of every year.

When it comes to the way Nigerians dress fashion-wise, one of the things that determine the way they dress is the season they find themselves in. During the rainy season, they dress a bit different from how they dress during the dry season. The rainy season is characterized by rainy days, wet roads and cold temperatures.

How do Nigerians dress during the rainy season? Well one of the things they regularly carry about is an umbrella and this is more commonly carried out by women than the men. In terms of what they wear above their shoulders, they wear sweaters or clothing that insulates them from the cold or a raincoat that protects them from the rain since they are waterproof. Nigerians who do business under the rain see having a rain coat as very important and some even make use of plastic bags to create their own rain covers. When it comes to their footwear, smart Nigerians wear rubber footwear such as rain-boots, rubber slippers or rubber shoes. Personally, I wear a rubber made moccasin show which looks like a leather show even though it's rubber. Wearing leather shoes on a rainy day or to walk along a wet street is not considered ideal because many Nigerian roads get muddy and flooded during this season and this would quickly damage the leather shoes that are worn.

In terms of how they dress, they tend to wear shorter dresses or shorts/half trousers to avoid getting their clothes getting stained by the mud or wet ground. They wear clothes that are more insulating than airy or loose such as sweaters or others made with wool, polyester or nylon. They carry an umbrella and they wear water resistant foot wear such as rubber slippers.

Nigerians rarely wear loose or airy clothing during the rainy season that runs from about March till October of every year.

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