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What do Nigerians use Solar energy for? How is solar energy used in Nigeria? How does Solar energy make life better for people in Nigeria?

First of all, when I say Solar energy, I may need to explain what I mean. Solar energy in this context refers to the energy that comes from the sun. When the sun shines is light and rays on us, it gives out energy that makes it possible for us to do something. Energy is simply the ability to do work. Solar energy hence refers to the ability that the sun gives to Nigerians to do something.

In Nigeria, there is an abundant supply of sunlight for most parts of the year and during about 4 to 6 months such as from January to June, the sun's rays are mostly high and this causes the temperature to also increase and or bodies would then need to cool off by sweating at times. In order to avoid the harsh rays from the sun, people may stay indoors or in shades but that doesn't prevent them from the heat the sun creates in our environment.

Nigerians have for a long time known that there is energy from the sun and they make use of it in a variety of ways such as:

For sightseeing: Without the sun's light, it is hard to see where one is going and so many Nigerians wait for the sun to rise before going about their daily duties as it helps them to see the road more clearly.

For farming: Without solar energy, farming will be hard or almost impossible as many crops require sun light to grow and make their food. The heat and the light are important for growing and harvesting crops.

For drying food: The sun's heat helps to dehydrate food and hence dry them so that they can last for a much longer period. Nigerians dry many of their foods and crops such as yams, meat, plantains, cassava and so on so that they can last longer even if they were not kept in a fridge because dried food lasts longer than wet or hydrated food.

For warming their bodies and improving their health: Nigerians also know the benefits of sunlight to the human body and so they tend to love going out during the day to get their daily dose of sunlight. Those who stay indoors most of the time prefer going out under the sun to get their daily dose of Vitamin D and improved blood circulation which the sun gives them. It is reported that sunlight helps reduce high blood pressure and helps the blood fight diseases. It's

For drying clothes: It takes a longer time to dry clothes after washing them if there was no solar energy and so it's common to see many people in Nigeria washing and having their wet clothes outside for drying thanks to solar energy.

For generating their own electricity: A growing number of Nigerians are beginning to see solar energy as an alternative means to generate electricity rather than just relying on the power company. The availability of the sun's light and heat makes this possible as there has been many electronic inventions that allow electricity to be generated just by tapping on the sun's energy.

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