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Posted by on Monday February 9, 2015 at 17:1:28:

Thanks to the enabling acts of government under Jonathan Goodluck, more and more car companies are seeing Nigeria as an attractive destination for setting up car manufacturing plants. Last time I heard, it was Innoson launching their own made in Nigeria car brands and I heard that even some US companies like GM are thinking about it too.

Recently, I've also read in the news that Hyundai motors are now made in Nigeria. Now, Hyundai is already a well known car brand in Nigeria but in the past, most of the cars were imported into the country and to now hear that they are made in Nigeria means that car owners would now be able to get brand new cars at an affordable price too. Besides, it would also allow Hyundai car owners to have easy access to Hyundai car parts as well as good quality maintenance service for their vehicles.

What are the benefits of having car manufacturing plants in Nigeria? Well, it would help create more jobs and in this way empower Nigerians. It would also help reduce our reliance on used vehicles in the country. The usage of second hand cars in Nigeria has reached an extent that I would say have become insulting for an oil producing nation. It's probably better for people to stop driving than driving cars that are not brand new. In cities like Lagos, we have too many cars but most of these cars are just causing air pollution and providing unreliable service. We have grown beyond that and the time for having our own locally made cars has arrived.

I don't mind it even if they just placed a total ban on importation of used cars rather than just increasing their import duty. We need to reduce the number of used cars n our roads or at least allow only cars that cause less pollution and breakdown on the road.

How much do these made in Nigerian Hyundai cars cost? I heard you need at least N1.5m to get one. Well, given that the price of even some second hand cars go for about the same amount, it's probably better to just get a new one from Hyundai. Besides, these made in Nigeria cars come with a warranty that covers after sales service and a reliable spare parts store.

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