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Posted by on Monday February 9, 2015 at 12:13:25:

If you intend visiting Nigeria from a foreign country or already live in the country, one of the things you have to consider is the type of clothes or fabric to wear.

What type of clothes should one wear in a country that is in the tropics?
Nigeria is mostly a hot country as it's located in a West African country that mostly knows two types of weather conditions - Harmattan and Dry season.

Many people who live in Nigeria know that it's normally good to wear clothes that allow air to pass through them. It's not normally wise to wear clothes that make you warmer especially during the dry season because it would cause you to sweat more as it would trap more heat to your body.

Clothing Materials that are good for Nigerian weather includes Cotton, Cotton/Polyester and Nylon.Cotton shirts, based on what I know are the best as they are more breathable and don't cause you to sweat like wool. So, clothes made of cotton or cotton/polyester are best for the dry season which covers most months in the year.

For the harmattan season which is normally a bit cold and lasts for about 2 to 3 months(November ending to early January), Nigerians tend to wear clothes that are warmer or make them sweat and the preferred type of fabric is normally made of wool. It's normal to wear sweaters during this season which is normally shorter than the dry/hot season. Clothes normally worn during harmattan season as a result of the cold is similar to what people wear during winter in the USA but the cold is not that serious in Nigeria as some people can still wear normal clothes.

So, I think the best clothing materials to wear in Nigeria are the ones made of cotton since it's mostly a warm country. You should wear clothes that help your body stay cool.

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