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There is a growing number of Nigerian women nowadays that drive cars and some of them do so thanks to our more educated society that now allows women to to operate more freely. Nowadays, more Nigerian women are doing things they usually were not used to doing in the past.

In older Nigeria, women were relegated to the home and mostly the kitchen as well as making babies but nowadays, women go to school, learn a career and also start making money. Some get married and some don't but they all have the potential to achieve some economic success without the need for men and this can at times enable them to own a personal car.

Some Nigerian women achieve financial success through marriage to a rich man while others achieve financial success through their career from a good paying job and so end up buying a car of their own. Some just receive car gifts from even while still in school or struggling either from their parents or richer friends but all the same, there comes a time when some Nigerian women do have access to drive a car.

When a Nigerian man is looking for a women to marry or befriend, he would definitely get to see a lot of different women with different levels of wealth. Some women may not have their own personal car while some will already have one before getting married. Do Nigerian men find women who already drive cars attractive? Would they rather go for a women who doesn't drive one yet?

Well, I think it depends but from what I've seen, majority of Nigerian men prefer women who don't already have one, show the need for a car rather than those who already have one and drive it. The reason for that is because majority of those Nigerian men are either poor or still struggling financially while only a few of them belong to the rich class.

A poor or struggling Nigerian man who doesn't already have a car of his own would naturally not feel attracted to a woman who already drives one since he would feel the woman would look down on him. Some would even feel belittled or feel they've been humiliated if a woman drives a car and they don't. In most cases, only those still struggling men who are gold diggers, gigolos, pretenders or who just want to share in the financial success from the woman may choose to act like they are attracted but it's not normally based on true love or attraction towards the woman but towards her wealth.

On the other hand, a rich Nigerian man who already has a car is more likely to also find women who drive cars attractive since it won't be a big deal to him. He would be in a better position to relate with the woman based on true love and not her car or riches since he is on the same level or even higher. However, those men who also already drive a car may also prefer women who need a lift or don't have a car since he'd feel they are easy to get. Yes, most Nigerian men are more likely to go for women that are easy than those that are playing hard to get.

Nigerian women who don't already drive cars are naturally seen as more feminine, needy, weaker and humbler women and more men are likely to go for them since they show the need for men richer ro stronger than them and who can help elevate their status.

The Nigerian man just like every other type of man doesn't always like going for women better than them or richer than them although some may go for them in rare cases. They prefer going for women who show a need for men or stronger beings that can help take care of them.

There is nothing wrong with a Nigerian woman driving a car but if she is single and wants to increase her chances of meeting more guys, then she could try walking once in a while. It is even a common thing in the Nigerian society for some parents to tell their unmarried but rich daughters to stop driving their cars or avoid buying one yet until they are married.

The bottomline is that Nigerian men are attracted to women as long as they are pretty but they are less likely to go for a woman who they hardly see walk on the road and is always driving. They are also less likely to approach a women who is not on the same class with them or of a higher class. A Nigerian woman who already drives a car is also more likely to be approached by Nigerian men who are already successful and also drive one themselves but the number of those men are few and most of them are already married or will be, in the short term.

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