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Posted by on Tuesday October 18, 2016 at 15:57:35:

The answer would be =>
Electricity units(kwH) = N10000-(N10000*VAT)]/tariff

Let's assume the tariff is N25 and the the Value Added tax rate is 5%, then N10000 would be able to buy about N380 units of power.

One of the things many Nigerians now pay for is electricity. The cost of using electricity is based on Kilowatt-Hr(kWh) Units and the price of a unit is called the tariff.

Some Nigerians are billed based on a post paid system while some are billed on a pre-paid system and the pre-paid system is a newer and more transparent way based on my experience.

The cost of using electricity in Nigeria has been rising over the years and in 2016, the tariff I pay is about N25 per kwH and that means that with N10,000, I can get about 360 to 380 units of kwh. If I use 5kwh per day, then in 30 days, I would have used up to 150 kwH.

It is so easy to know how much power/units your money can buy for you in Nigeria because after you'v purchased it online or from a local PHCN office, the units of power will be indicated along with the amount you paid with other deductions. By the time you recalculate, you'd be able to know how much you were charged per unit as well as tax and other charges.

The cost of purchasing electricity from the power company keeps rising in Nigeria yet the electricity provided is still not sufficient to meet the needs of the average Nigerian families who still make use of fuel powered generators to provide power for their homes and offices. As at 2016, Nigerians spend more money on independent generators than on paying electricity bills because electricity supply is still very low and has not met up with demand.

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