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Posted by on Friday November 6, 2015 at 9:31:49:

A lot of Nigerians wait till the month end to receive their income in the form of salaries and some also wait to get paid for a job they've already done in the past. One of the things Nigerians love to do after getting paid is to thank God and their joy is expressed in so many ways.

Many Nigerians know that it is not easy to find a job or contract that will make them money because they are many of them who can't find it talk less of getting paid and so for the few who are so blessed to get work for a future pay, it's fitting that they thank the Lord of word for the opportunity he gave them.

Thanking God that they are going to get paid and when they eventually do is something many of them feel the need to do and so when they eventually get paid they do a variety of things to show some gratitude in thanksgiving to God

One of the things Nigerians do after getting paid is to pay tithes or make offerings in the Church or Mosque. Yes, some Nigerian Christians feel the need to pay tithes in Church and some pay 10% while others just pay any percentage they feel the need to do just to show that all they did receive truly came from the Almighty God. They are then free to use the rest to provide for their needs and those of their close family and relations.

Another thing that some Nigerians do after pay day is to dedicate their money may not necessarily be to pay tithes but to use it to provide for the positive needs of their family such as feeding, clothing, paying bills and so on. They do it in a way to show that they have the fear of God, are grateful for his blessings and would not use it for doing negative things such as getting drunk, wasting the money, oppressing the poor or patronizing prostitutes. So, in a way, its still a form of thanksgiving and gratitude to God even though they did not directly use it at Church or the Mosque. They just dedicate their money to doing good work.

A third thing I noticed that Nigerians do after their pay day is to go for shopping. Yes, some Nigerians don't do their shopping until they receive their bulk income on pay day and this helps them in shopping as they tend to save money on shopping by buying items at wholesale quantities to get a huge discount on prices. They know that if they buy few items, they may buy it at higher prices than if they purchased them at wholesale quantities. So, they look for merchants that offer discounts to them when they spend a bulk of their income on shopping especially for those things they know they usually need. In a way, it's still a form of thanksgiving to God because they know that God doesn't like them wasting their hard earned money when they could spend it more wisely.

So, Nigerians tend to thank God for their Pay day and they show it not just by praying but also by showing gratitude through the positive way they spend their money.

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