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Posted by on Wednesday October 28, 2015 at 10:7:25:

A lot of young Nigerians enjoy the freedom they get after graduation while they go for their NYSC. For some of them, it allows them to be completely free and away from the control of their parents or elders and they might end up doing things that they regret later on.

I have to say that my NYSC program was a good one and having grown up in Southern Nigeria, I wouldn't have wanted to go to the North if I was posted there except it was Abuja, Jos or somewhere cool in the Middle belt but not in the extreme north. However, wherever you serve your father land in Nigeria, it doesn't really matter as long as you have the willingness to serve, you would enjoy it.

Enjoying NYSC is not about having sex as some young Corp members tend to think. Sure, you would meet beautiful people. some of whom you might even be tempted to get married to because you have more freedom than you did when you were an undergraduate. You no longer need to read books for exams in the library but you are working, making money and having more spare time during the NYSC.

So, during your NYSC, there might be a lot of temptation to have unrestricted sex but I have to tell you that the best way to survive it is to simply abstain from it. Why have sex with people you would eventually not get married to? Why have sex with people you barely knew except for that 1 year? Why have sex when you could get HIV from it? Some might say you can avoid HIV by simply using a condom but the truth is that one might not always remember to use a condom and so the best thing is to stay away from it.

HIV is a killer and for now there is no cure yet but even if there was a cure, it doesn't make sense to risk your health over it and most especially with someone who you don't have a lifelong commitment with.

Some young Nigerians leave their homes and go for NYSC in states where they lose self control and only return home after the 1 year service with a HIV infection. Has their life really improved or made worse? Having HIV is like having a death sentence and it's not something you should be bringing back home to your parents or family.

It's not even only the young and unmarried people who are at risk of having HIV but also the married NYSC members who take risks that could jeopardize their life. Prevention is better than cure and in this case, there is not even a cure yet.

Tips to avoid HIV
- Don't have sex if possible
- Avoid sharing needles and razor blades
- Avoid sharing clippers or other sharp objects.
- Don't patronize prostitutes or Gigolos
- Do something positive during your spare time e.g. sleeping, reading, cooking, religious activity, exercising, brainstorming, playing games, projects, watching tv and so on.
- Dress modestly
- Avoid late night outs, parties and unrestricted alcohol consumption

As many graduates should already know, HIV can be transmitted through unprotected sex or by sharing sharp objects as they transmit through bodily fluids. It's always good to protect yourself properly while you are still young and have not even started a family of your own. Getting infected with HIV during your NYSC is not a good thing and it could ruin your future. It's better to avoid it rather than risk having it.

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