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Posted by on Thursday October 8, 2015 at 16:23:11:

I wonder why many Nigerians(especially the ladies) spend millions of Naira yearly just to buy Oyibo people's hair but they don't think about growing their own hair naturally and then selling it to Oyibo people. Why should we have the mindset that it's only white people's hair that is worthy enough to be purchased and not own own black and strong natural Nigerian hair.

Nigerian hair is strong, tough and curly. It can withstand more pressures that Oyibo people's hair cannot withstand and it requires less maintenance than theirs but we have sort of grown into thinking that any hair from a white person is better than one from a black person.

I guess one reason why a lot of us Nigerians(especially the women) think that the natural Nigerian hair(not those ones burnt with relaxers or tortured with shampoos) is of less value than that of the Oyibos is because of too much Western TV. Nigerians watch a lot of Oyibo movies especially the Telenovelas and so on thanks to DSTV that makes them thinking that anything Brazilian, Asian or American is good while anything African or Nigerian is bad. When last did you watch NTA, Channels and others? When last did you watch a real Nigerian movie? The kind of things we watch on TV can influence the way we think and live.

The truth I've come to know is that God who created Nigerian hair differently from Oyibo hair had a reason for doing so and he didn't make anyone inferior to the other but it's our way of thinking and ranking that has corrupted or belittled what created to be beautiful. Who says that a Nigerian woman with short hair can't be beautiful? Who says that a Nigerian woman with her braided hair can't be attractive enough? Who says one has to have long flowing hair in order to be socially accepted?

I remember those good old days when Nigerian women used to do a lot of weaving and plaiting on their hair but nowadays, the trend seems to be to suppress their Nigerian hair and cover it with human hair shaved off the heads of white people. They now fry and treat their hair with chemicals that end up making them bald even in their 30s.

Why don't we start treating our Nigerian hair nicely by wearing then naturally even when acting movies? Why don't we wear our natural Nigerian hair to weddings and public outings?

When we start understanding that the Nigerian hair is equally beautiful, we could even be growing it naturally and sell it to people for money. Who says that it's only Oyibo people's hair that is worth selling? Even Nigerian human hair can be sold for money but the problem is that nowadays, many Nigerians hardly grow their hair. It's time we change that attitude.

Re: You can make money selling your Nigerian hair Reply by Damilola on Tuesday January 5, 2016 at 12:41:44:

I politely beg to differ on the 'it requires less maintenance than theirs'. Yes, the African hair is tough and can withstand any kind of pressure, but the truth is, it is difficult to manage. I know this because I was once keeping my hair natural before I relaxed it, and I am back to natural now (without relaxers and chemicals). It takes a lot of work to care for and maintain the natural african hair. Thanks.

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