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Posted by on Wednesday September 30, 2015 at 9:59:19:

How does one get rid of old tyres in Nigeria? I live in Lagos and currently I have a burden. As far as I know, there are no tyre recycling plants that I know that collect used car tyres in Lagos and even the government approved waste collectors which charge us a monthly fee don't want to collect used car tyres. Are there any any government agencies that collect used vehicle tyres? It would be nice and would probably encourage people to stop throwing those tyres on the roads or in canals.

I have 4 useless car tyres that I want to get rid of but I don't want to burn them. I read a report once that burning of tyres releases toxic substances that are not good for humans and was not advisable.

I tried to call the services of a local waste collector(a.k.a. Kole Kole) to help me throw it away and was actually thinking of paying him a token of N200 only for him to tell me to pay N2000 or at least N1500. I just sent him off because it makes no reason for me to pay him that much when I could probably burn it or dump it somewhere. However, as a good citizen of Nigeria, It won't be nice to dump those tyres on the road and I've been thinking of what use would those tyres be if I didn't want to throw them away.

It's a bit funny that car tyres in Nigeria cost about N8000 per unit when they are brand new but after being used and useless, they cost nothing but become a pain to get rid off. I guess this is one of the reasons why many Nigerians just dump them on the roads or public places since there seems to be no organized channel through which they can get rid of them. It would have been better if the recognized waste collectors made it their duty to collect it alongside the waste they collect rather than the government allowing people use their own initiative to get rid of them.

For someone living in a city like Lagos in Nigeria where space is scarce, no one wants to keep their old tyres or reuse them for something else but would want to throw them away. The government should make it easy for people to get rid of their old stuff without them having to stress so much just to get rid of it.

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