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One of the basic criteria Nigerian men look for when choosing a woman to marry is "the fear of God". When a woman has the fear of God, she is more likely going to do things with regard for the will of God and that normally includes loving and caring for the husband. She is more likely not going to kill the husband since God said "Thou shalt not kill". She is not going to do things over the top as she will have a limit to which she can react even when she gets angry or feel wronged.

The fear of God is when someone does and says things with regard to the will of God and this includes not likely to commit adultery, murder, stealing, fighting or being disobedient. It also includes respecting and loving the husband as the head of their home.

A few weeks ago, I read in the papers about the story of a Nigerian wife who poured hot water on her husband because he stopped her from watching Nigerian movies. If the wife had the fear of God, the worst she might have done is to maybe report to his mother or brothers if she feels she has been wronged. If she indeed was a God fearing person, she might have at least understood that the husband was the head of the home and that even if the husband says she should stop watching TV, for the sake of peace, she would obey. This is what most Nigerian men want in their women - Having the fear of God which also includes respecting the man as head of the home.

Nigerian men don't like getting married to women who challenge their decisions even when they are wrong. They would prefer a woman who would rather provide suggestions or recommendations but not strongly or in a way that pushes aside the authority which God has given to man over all his creation.

Nigerian men are deeply religious and don't really see marriage to a woman as a 50-50 situation in all entirety. Even when a woman brings in more income to the family than the man, the man still wants the woman to show him respect and not disregard his God given authority over his home. They prefer a woman who is supportive rather than dominating or oppressive.

No Nigerian man wants to get married to a woman he will be wearing the same trousers with or challenging his authority in their home.

Holy books like the Bible and Koran support the man's claim of having right over his wife and being the apex decision making person in the family. He believes that his wife can suggest but he always has the final say until death do them part.

In reality too, a Nigerian wife who is God fearing is less likely to insult her husband or go against his decisions. She might express her disapproval but she will most likely set aside her wishes for the will of her husband as long as it is not a crime or against God's will. She is more likely to love her husband always and be willing to forgive and tolerate him even when he is consistently wrong.

A God fearing Nigerian wife is less likely to insult her husband in public or poison the hearts of her children towards hims. She is also less likely to kill him just because of a fight because she has the fear of God.

She is less likely going to cheat on him by committing adultery or going to be a stubborn and disobedient wife.

Actually, I don't think any man or woman who doesn't have the fear of God should get married in the first place but not every one in Nigeria can be said to have this criteria and one wonders why they still want to get married.

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