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One of the things I love about Nigeria is the abundant sunlight we get for most days of the year. It's mostly a warm weather thanks to the heat we get from the sun but the funny thing is that many Nigerians are not using the abundant sunlight to their advantage.

One of the bad things about Nigeria for now is that the power sector is not working efficiently as there is still insufficient power supply and this is common among developing countries where things like good roads and 24 hrs electricity.

The authorities are predicting that it's probably going to take about 20 or more years of a stable government before power supply becomes efficient and so many people have simply resorted to producing their own electricity by using power generators.

One of the things I hate about power generators is that it makes a lot of noise. Nowadays, if you live in a populated city in Nigeria like Lagos, you'd find that it's very hard to go to sleep early since there are lot of closeby neighbours who make use of small noisy power generators throughout the night. At times, I'be beginning to feel like people should start suing their neighbours for sound pollution because it's now getting way out of hand.

Another reason why I hate those generators is that it causes pollution. It has killed a lot of families in their sleep as a result of gas pollution. There has been several newspaper reports of entire Nigerian families being wiped out since they slept with their generators closeby and powered on. If you are going to use a generator to sleep, ensure that you don't keep it close to your room. It's even better to just sleep with your generators off since you can even power things like your fan and light bulbs with an inverter battery system.

Generators are deadly and cause both noise and air pollution and that's why I support Solar powered systems.

A Solar powered system is basically a system through which one generates his own power independently by making use of Solar energy. The system would normally require a Solar panel, connecting wires and a deep cycle battery for storing the power that was generated.

One of the things I now normally make use of to recharge my mobile phone and small tablet is a Solar charger. A solar charger is basically a portable electronic gadget that taps power from sunlight and converts it to electric current which is suitable for charging electronic devices.

There are lots of solar chargers already in the Nigerian market and Nigerians can also buy it directly from Chinese and US shopping websites too. Some Solar charges have their own inbuilt battery for storing excess charges while some are just plain solar panels that are designed to charge the phone directly.

The price of a Solar charger in Nigeria costs about N3,000 to N5000 but there are some others that cost as much as N10,000. The price of solar chargers mostly depends on its quality, efficiency and how much power it can generate.

Most solar chargers available in the Nigerian market are mostly imported from China and they are normally cheaper than the ones imported from the USA.

If you bought a Solar charger that doesn't have an internal battery, you can always connect it with an external battery or power bank designed to store electrical current till you need it. You can later charge your mobile phone or other small 5V device whenever you want to.

Personally, I got a plain 14W Solar charger from Amazon for about and also got a seperate 50,000mAH power bank from Aliexpress. The two of them work well and this helps keeping my mobile phone fully charged throughout the day. I no longer need to plug my phone into the wall or other place just to keep my phone charged up.

Using a Solar charger in Nigeria to charge your mobile phone's battery is the smart way to go given the unreliability of the power industry. You don't need to be putting on your generator, running your car or paying phone battery chargers
just to keep your phone and small devices charged up.

This is why portable Solar chargers are in the market and we need to take advantage of it. It allows you to take advantage of the daily sunlight you get.

When next you want to buy a mobile phone charger in Nigeria, it's smarter to just go for a Solar charger because it's an independent way to recharge your phone's battery without the need for NEPA or PHCN.

Re: Using a Solar charger in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Friday November 14, 2014 at 15:33:47:

You can buy Solar chargers online in Nigeria. Check them out here

Re: Using a Solar charger in Nigeria Reply by Felix Okoli on Thursday October 1, 2015 at 12:48:53:

You can also buy Solar chargers directly from China through this link and they will send it to you in Nigeria

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