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One of the costs of living in Nigeria is the cost of electricity and this industry is still managed by a monopolistic giant now called PHCN although many still refer to it as NEPA(Old name).

In the old days, people who used electricity services courtesy of NEPA were normally billed on a post paid method and this basically requires them to make monthly payments at any closeby NEPA office and get a receipt for it. They also offered the option of paying bills directly to their bank accounts.

Nowadays, things are changing as prepaid billing has been gradually introduced and with the growing availability of e-commerce through the internet, NEPA now PHCN also accepts payments through the web. Nigerians can now pay for their NEPA bills on the internet and this can work for both prepaid and post paid customers.

A Prepaid customer is one who pays for the service in advance and this method is the new method normally assigned to customers who make use of a prepaid meters that work a big like GSM phones. They require that PINS are purchased and then loaded onto the meters so that electricity account would be credited and then the lights would come on. In the case of prepaid customers, the electricity meter automatically trips off when the credit has been exhausted.

A Post paid PHCN customer is one who pays for his electricity bill only after he has used it and this is normally after the month's service. Payments for post paid customers are normally made after service has been received and a failure to make payment normally results in manual disconnection of wires by PHCN officials and a fee is normally paid for a re-connection.

For most Nigerians, the new Prepaid billing is preferred since post paid billing has been degraded to the extend that meters are no longer read and estimated bills are normally used.

Well, whatever the billing system you are on , you can now pay for your PHCN bills online and keep enjoying your electricity without it being disconnected.

You no longer have to go to the PHCN office or bank to pay your bills since you can now do this on the internet.

What you'll need
- Meter Number
- Debit card(Verve, Visa, Mastercard)
- Internet ready computer
- Quickteller account

How to pay PHCN bill online
- Visit www.quickteller.com with your computer
- Register if you haven't done so already
- Choose to pay bills > PHCN
- Provide your meter number
- Enter the amount you want to pay
- Choose to make payment
- Enter your Card details
- Confirm the payment

Your bank account will be debited while the bill will be paid. If it's for prepaid meter, you will receive the meter token in your phone else your postpaid account will be automatically credited.

You will also receive an invoice which contains the reference number for that transaction.

If you have any problems with your payment that remains unresolved, you can always contact Quickteller through email with your reference number and they'd correct it for you.

I've had issues with not receiving meter token and yet my bank account was debited on some occasions but it has all been resolved after contacting Quickteller. You can also make payments for your PHCN bills using internet banking if you have subscribed for it at your bank.

Re: Paying for PHCN(NEPA) bills online Reply by Chima on Tuesday October 7, 2014 at 17:41:32:

I love d services

Re: Paying for PHCN(NEPA) bills online Reply by Seun on Monday October 27, 2014 at 13:9:40:

don't you think that paying online is a little bit restricted since we have different electricity distribution companies in Nigeria with different accounts?

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