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Posted by on Saturday November 22, 2014 at 11:57:39:

Going for the National Youth Service is a good thing and you'd most likely enjoy the camp. Here are a list of some basic things you would need to take along with your when going to your camp. It only lasts for 3 weeks.

1. Call up letter: You will need to get this from your school and take it along with you to the camp because it is the letter that confirms your posting. Make about 5 copies.

2. Graduate certificate/Statement of result: This is also important as it shows you've graduated from the school. You will need to do some copies too. About 5 copies would do.

3. Mosquito net: It is a camp and it's not expected to be a comfortable place because you will be drilled by soldiers. Expect mosquitoes to be waiting for you and the smart thing to do is get a mosquito net and take it along unless you are already immune to mosquito bites.

4. Money: Depend on how much you need per day for the first 3 weeks but should exclude money for emergencies and big spending like transportation outside the state. You can carry cash and an ATM card but you may only be able to use your ATM card in the city. Your big money should be kept in your bank account and then take your ATM card with you. Only carry small pocket money with your for things like buying food, water and provision. Keep your money always with you in your pouch and protect it from thieves.

5. Toiletries: Yes, you will need to have tissue paper, towels, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush and so on.

6. Waist Pouch: It's a bit fashionable to wear a waist pouch on camp since almost everyone wears them Yes, you will need to have a carry along pouch where you can keep most of your stuff close to you. It will act as a mobile bag with which you can carry things like your mobile phone, keys, pocket money and other small things. It would be tied around your waste and avoid losing it. It's necessary since unlike your NYSC khaki, your white NYSC clothes don't come with any pocket.

7. Bathroom slippers and sandals: You will need to at least have a bathroom slippers and a pair of comfortable sandals to wear during your free periods. You need bathroom slippers most especially when going to the bathroom to take your bathe. Sandals would also help your feet breathe better and you can wear them when not wearing your NYSC boots or shoes since they are more comfortable. You can't comfortably wear those shoes all the time

8. Solar charger and power bank: It will be helpful if you had an independent way of recharging your phone since electricity is hardly available on camp. So apart from your regular phone charger, you could also bring a solar charger unless you want to pay money to charge your phone at camp. I didn't bring one and so had to pay about N50 per day to charge my phone. A power bank can also help store excess generated power from your solar charger so that you'd be able to charge your phone anytime.

9. Eating utensils: You may need to bring your plate, spoon and fork along as I'm not sure it will be provided at camp unless you were eating at the commercial restaurants in the mammy market. The NYSC fees corpers on a daily basis about 3 times a day but you might need to at least bring your plates along to collect your food using your meal ticket.

10. Extra White shorts, T-shirts and Tennis shoes: You could bring along these too the to camp to supplement the one you will be given.

11. Passport photographs

12. Any other thing listed in your call up letter.

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