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Getting married is within everyone's power and we only have to do certain things in order to put that goal in play. You might have been doing the wrong things that have been preventing you from getting married. Here are a few tips I believe will be able to get you married as a single Nigerian lady:

Six things a Nigerian lady can do to get married:
1. Lowering your expectations: If you are young and still have many years to wait for your ideal man who is probably a tall, handsome, rich and intelligent dude who comes from the same place as you do, then by all means, feel free to wait for him but if you are desperate and have little time on your hands to get married probably because of the fact that you are growing older, it's probably best you come to a compromise and lower your standards a bit. It is said that women who are less selective tend to get more men than those who are too selective. Some women won't even talk to a man because he is shorter than them. Some women don't want to even listen to guys who don't have cars even if they are God fearing and handsome. There are probably over a 100 reasons reasons why Nigerian women might be a bit too selective about who they would want to get married to but you might need to cut down on those expectations a bit in order to allow more men be able to scale that barrier you have placed for them. Try to understand that men are not perfect just as you too are not and try to be more open to relationships that can lead to marriage even if they are not so perfect based on your standard.

2. Quit your stressful job: In Nigeria, most men don't really fancy women who do a full time job or consider them as marriage material. Sure, they might like hardworking women but they prefer women who are ready to be housewives or at least not too stuck on their jobs that they barely have time for family. If you already have a job that is comfortable and at least gives you time for rest and leisure, you can continue it but if it's the kind of job that doesn't give you any chance to stay at home or family, then it's probably best you quit that job. In Nigeria, Most men wouldn't even mind getting married to a jobless women but women would not want to get married to a jobless man. Nigerians mostly believe it's the job of the man to provide for his family and so the women doesn't really have to.

3. Upgrade your dressing style: If you have been dressing in a consistent pattern for along time and yet have not achieved any prospects of getting married for so long, it's time you improve on the way you dress. There might be something wrong with the way you dress or you don't dress in a way that would encourage men to make the move towards you. 2 girls might have the same height, the same shape and the same complexion but what may attract men to one rather than the other might simply be because of the first one's dressing style. Men like women who are bold in their dressing and at the same time a bit sexy. If you are young, you don't have to cover all your skin as the trend now is to show a bit of skin but don't go over the top. Don't dress like a mother or old women when you are still looking for a man to marry. Men want women who send out attractive messages by the way they dress. Dress neat, wear colourful and smart clothes and don't wear the same clothes everyday. There are some women who wear the same clothes everyday and yet go to the same public place daily. That is not a smart way to dress as a woman who is still looking for her Mr right as it would make it look like you are dirty.

4. Get in shape: If you are too fat already, try to join a gym or start a fitness schedule that would help you to get in shape. If you are too thin, then it's time you eat more food to fill up your shape and make you look sexier. If possible, go to Mr Biggs or Tantalizers and eat their food for a month to add more weight if you are too thin. Nigerian men don't generally like women who are too thin or too fat but being the right shape and size can help attract more men to you.

5. Become a church goer: Yes, if you are not used to going to church before and you are a Christian, then it's probably time you start doing so more frequently as that's one of the hottest public places where you can meet men who are already destined for marriage. Yes, it's time you dust your bible and prayer book and start heading to church for worship, prayers, vigils and fellowships. If your church holds a service on a daily basis, then it's best you don't miss out on it and special programs tend to attract more men.

Most Nigerian men tend to go spiritual when it comes to getting married and they believe they would find better girls at Church rather than at work, clubs or hotels. They believe that Church girls are mostly home girls who can cook, clean and keep the family. Most Nigerian men just want simple and not too sophisticated girls as wives

6. Ask men out: It might be a bit out of the box but more Nigerian women need to start developing some courage to actually ask men out for dates. It doesn't have to be a full blown relationship or involve sex but rather just a simple date during which you'd get to know more about each other by taking time to discuss account issues in life and ask questions. The norm is for men to first of all ask girls out but more and more girls are taking the initiative to also ask men out. You might not ask them out directly but you might just introduce yourself first and ask them if they want to maybe watch a movie or attend a church service together with you. You might even ask the guy which state he is from and what languages he speaks and then get into a conversation that can lead to the 2 of you going out. It doesn't always have to be the man asking first. Infact, some men are so busy with work than having time to be asking all the girls they meet for a date but if you have a crush on a guy and you guys already know each other by face, you could just brave the odds and talk to him first.

I hope these tips were helpful

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