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Posted by on Monday November 3, 2014 at 13:21:9:

Most Nigerian men I know have wide feet but I keep wondering why they don't always buy the right shoe size for their feet. Some of those men with such wide feet end up buying Italian or Chinese made leather shoes that are so narrow and with a pointed nose that makes it uncomfortable for them to wear that shoe for more than 4 hours. Some of them manage to wear it but it normally leaves their feet feeling squeezed and compressed especially at their small toes.

It's about the same thing with Nigerian women I've seen wearing shoes at work, church and at parties. Some women can hardly walk in their shoes yet they wear it probably because it makes them look good. Permit me to say this, If you are a woman and can't walk on high heels. Stop wearing high heels!. Some Nigerian women also wear tiny shoes even though they have big feet. Madam, it's time you start wearing shoes that make you comfortable first before concerning yourself about whether it looks good on you. Nigerian women should learn to wear shoes that are their correct size so that they don't get discomforted or have blisters because of the wrong type of shoes they wear.

Some women wear high heeled shoes and when they walk, it's as if they are falling or trying to stand. Some other women wear small shoes when going to work but they also take their bathroom slippers along with them because they know their shoes are not comfortable enough for them. Truth is, if they had been wearing the right size of shoes for their feet, they might not even feel discomforted by it since it wouldn't be a painful experience.

The right shoe size is the size that exactly fits the size of your feet and at the same time providing some allowance. Your feet shouldn't feel trapped or compressed when you are wearing shoes or sandals. If yours feel bad, then it's time you change to the correct size.

Apart from Nigerians who wear a small size or wrong shape of shoes, there are also those who wear bigger sized shoes such that it slips off when they walk. I think it's more common among growing children when their parents buy shoes for them. The Naija parents normally give an extra allowance when buying shoes for their kids and so end up buying a much bigger sized shoe since they feel that their kid's feet would soon grow bigger. Well, it makes a bit of sense but the allowance shouldn't be too much such that the bigger sized shoes makes your kid unable to run around or play with his/her friends.

The best type of shoes to buy are shoes that fit your feet's size and shape exactly plus some allowance. It should be the kind of shoes you wear and feel comfortable in while walking around.

Wearing the wrong size or shape of shoes causes things like blisters, deformed toes, bunions and so on. There are lots of Nigerians whose feet have been deformed or scarred as a result of the fact that they've been wearing the wrong type of shoes for a long time. It's time we change all that.

Re: Why do Nigerians wear uncomfortable shoes? Reply by Chima on Saturday August 22, 2015 at 11:26:18:

Where then can I buy cool shoes for my US size 14 feet?

Re: Why do Nigerians wear uncomfortable shoes? Reply by Felix Okoli on Saturday August 22, 2015 at 11:29:5:

You can buy shoes online if you know your correct feet size from Amazon even if you are in Nigeria and have it delivered to you through DHL, Fedex or UPS. Just get a US shipping agent to help you to forward it.

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