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Posted by on Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 8:35:22:

In Nigeria, one of the things that can help a lady get married quite easily is her devotion to God. Yes, most Nigerian men in the 21st century do have the fear of God and also value religion so one of the criteria used in choosing a wife is her devotion to God or would I say level of prayerfulness.

I'm writing from a Christian perspective and I think it's about the same too on the Muslim side - Most Muslims would prefer marrying women who are well behaved and have respect for Islamic virtues.

In southern Nigeria, where more Christians reside, the norm for most men when they have reached a decision to get married is to start going to church more frequently and so Christian sisters shouldn't be alarmed when they start seeing stranger faces at church even if it's on a more regular basis - Chances are that those men intend getting married soon and are probably looking for a fast track wife.

Nigerian Christian men who normally get married tend to have an age range of about 25 to 40 because outside this range, it's no longer fashionable to be married and the older they are, the more desperate they become.

It is not easy for most Nigerian men to get married or choose a wife on their own and this is common in cases when his parents didn't choose a wife for him while he was younger. In Nigerian culture and in the past, the norm used to be that parents used to choose a wife for the man but nowadays, the rules are relaxing and parents are no longer that strict. This is probably because parents are no longer financially buoyant to finance all the ceremonies for their children and also, modern day Nigerian men are leaning towards western lifestyle which promotes love before marriage.

Yes, in the old days in Nigeria, a man didn't need to love his wife first before getting married and I have to say those marriages were strong and lasted longer but nowadays, more men tend to first show love to a woman of their choice before getting married.

Nowadays, the average Nigerian man tends to have more choice over who he marries and when to do so but one thing that still remains a factor in his final choice is the approval from God. Yes, when it comes to marriage, men tend to go spiritual because they know its something that's going to affect their lives for the long term and don't want to get married to the wrong person.

Nigerian men don't want to get married to a woman who ends up turning into a fish, snake or ghost on his bed during the night. They want a woman who has been verified by no other authority except the almighty and so they tend to tread carefully before entering into marriage.

Since marriages in Nigeria tend to be more long term than short term and hardly results in a divorce, men prefer getting married to women who value long term marriage and have the fear of God. They prefer church women because they feel they are much closer to God and would probably not want to break the Ten commandments.

Some of these Nigerian men might have dated a lot of women in their lives who they probably never intended to marry. Some of them might have even fallen in love with some women but by the time they make a decision to get married, they now have to go to church, use holy water to wash their eyes before making a decision on who to actually marry.

Some women who might have dated Nigerian Christian men might end up feeling disappointed that he did not marry her even when they have dated for so long but those Nigerian men tend to defend themselves by claiming they never promised marriage to them. Some might have made the mistake of promising marriage to a women and ended up breaking it by the time he really makes the decision to get married. I think those ones would need a serious deliverance because they've broken a promise and would have to pay for it.

Nigerian men prefer marrying women who share the same faith with them and so even among Christians, men tend to focus on women who belong to their same denomination or parish rather than those outside their fold. So, it would be rare for a Catholic man for instance to get married to a Methodist or for an Anglican to get married to a Deeper life women. That is because they don't exactly believe in the same thing even though they all believe in God and Jesus Christ.

Nigerian Christian men prefer their fellow Christian women because they believe in the same values which marriages stand for as it's written in the Bible and preached by their church. They prefer a woman who understands that she should submit to her husband and take care of the home. They prefer a women who would e submissive and faithful to him as a man and not a woman who would challenge him or run away from the marriage when things go rough.

Nigerian men are afraid of getting married to club and hotel girls because they tend to always go for the highest bidders and treat men as bush meat. They might go out with club girls for a while but when they find out that she doesn't have the same Christian values as he does, he might not get married to her but would rather start going to church to look for more reliable women.

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