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Posted by on Tuesday October 21, 2014 at 9:0:32:

The biggest reality tv show in Africa is up again and it's called Big Brother Africa. This particular season is the 7th and it's nicknamed Big Brother Hot shots.

Big Brother Africa is a reality TV show that normally features a lot of housemates from across qualifying African countries and it normally airs for 24 hrs on a dedicated DSTV channel.

In Nigeria, the dedicated TV channel for Big Brother Hotshots is at 197 but it doesn't come activated for public viewing since it's tagged 18 and would require that DSTV subscribers officially request for it for free by sending a request to DSTV in Nigeria.

So, the channel for Big Brother in Nigeria is normally scrambled nowadays but for a subscriber to be able to unscramble it, all he needs to do is tell DSTV to activate it for him and they'll do so freely.

Since I was already a fan of Big Brother Africa and have followed their shows from season one, I normally activate my DSTV Big Brother channel by sending an SMS to 30333 with my Smart card number.

So, to activate your Big Brother channel on DSTV in Nigeria, just send SMART-CARD-NO to 30333.

It is that easy. They would activate or unscramble your Big Brother channel within 24 hrs or less as long as you have an active DSTV subscription.

So, just send SMART-CARD-NO to 30333 and your Big Brother channel will be reactivated.

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