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In this 21st century, I have to admit that there is a growing number of single Nigerian ladies in our society. Most of them want to get married while few want to remain single and are loving the life. I am not going to talk about the few who prefer to remain single but the ones who wish to get married but are not there yet.

Can a 30 year old Nigerian lady every get married? Well, Yes, they can but they should first of all ensure that they are built for marriage because in reality, not all women are built for marriage and the chances of one getting married by 30 are much lower than a lady who is just in her early 20s.

In Nigeria, the society prefers women who are married and so society grooms women from their childhood to a future date where they would get married to a loving husband and have children of their own. To most Nigerian parents, it's unthinkable to have children who don't eventually have kids of their own. Many see singleness as a sign of backwardness and as something that needs divine intervention in most cases.

Getting married in Nigeria at a young age is normally seen as the best and most women normally hope that by the time they reach 18 or in their early twenties, they would have fallen in love with a man of their dreams. Most Nigerian women don't expect to remain single by the time they reach the age of 30. Even Mothers prefer their daughters to get married sooner rather than later so that they would be able to bear children without having complications and while they are youthful. It would also help parents achieve their dream of seeing their grand children and thank God for it.

At the rate at which singleness is growing in Nigeria, one begins to wonder if older women from the age of 30 and above would ever get married. What will it really take for a 30 year old lady to get married? Will it take a much older man? Will it take a younger man? Will it take spiritual intervention? How possible is it really?

Being single at 30 for a Nigerian women is actually not a dream for many but I think there are certain things they can do to remedy the situation.

Things that can help:
Going out more often
This can help her get to see and meet more people or at least give her more opportunities to meet people. Staying indoors would not help a Nigerian lady to get married in the 201st century. Eligible bachelors are more likely to approach ladies outdoors than indoors. She can go to church activities, shopping centers, wedding receptions and public outings.

Use Social media
She can use social media platforms like Facebook to her advantage. She just needs to take some good pictures and create and account for herself using her real name. Nowadays, more and more people meet through sites like Facebook. One can offer more information about yourself besides just your name such as uploading 2 or 3 public pictures, displaying your home town, educational achievement, currency occupation, tribe and interests. Also, they should like pages and join online groups they belong to in real life such a church, work, society, business and so on.

Dress well
You can't get married or have suitors if you don't have an acceptable dressing style. You need to dress in a way that is at least acceptable by men you want to get married to. You don't have to dress too sexy or slutty because most Nigerian men don't normally consider women who dress immodestly as marriage material. Dress nice and smart and it would be to your own advantage.

Stay and look healthy
Men are less likely to get married to women who are sick or look sick and in this case, age doesn't really matter. Looking and staying healthy doesn't just refer to being free from malaria or STD but also being physically fit and well nourished. Your skin and physique should look healthy and balanced. Get a lot of rest, drink enough water and avoid over-stressing yourself. Women who don't stay or look healthy are less likely to attract male suitors and it's not rocket science but a natural instinct.

Avoid too much make-up
As some women get older, it seems they tend to have this tendency of using too much make up that at times people wonder if they really used mirrors. Too much make up tends to make a Lady look a bit unrecognizable. Try to use light make up so that people will a least recognize you when they see you and not try guessing who you are. By makeup, I mean all those stuff from high heels, human hair, long nails, facial makeup and so on. A 30 year old lady should dress a bit more mature than a young one and so should not use too much make up. At times too much make up even makes one look like a hooker and so it's not a smart thing to do if you intend getting married anytime soon.

Go for dates but avoid random sex
A 30 year old women who seeks to get married should also be open to going out on dates and its probably better and safer to go out with guys you already know their history rather than total strangers. Anyway, one is also allowed to go out with strangers if you are willing to take the risk. The problem some women normally have is having sex with every man they date and this is not really ideal.

Try to find out if you share the same things with the other person before going for marriage. A woman is allowed to date more than one man but she shouldn't introduce sex into her dating system since that can complicate issues. It is actually better to just have dates excluding sex which is better saved for your future husband. Just because a guy is going out with you doesn't mean you should have sex with him.

Believe in God and practice your religion
You can't rule out the God factor if you are in highly religious country like Nigeria. Perhaps, in the past, people didn't go to church or mosque but as of this date, it's the major thing in vogue and anyone who doesn't at least have the fear of God is normally seen as an outcast by the society. Both men an women are normally attracted to God fearing partners and if you are a non-believing person, you would not be seen as a marriage material. Most Nigeria women want a God fearing person and so likewise for men. So, even if you are not much of a believing or religious person, don't avoid going to church or mosque when others are doing so.

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