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Posted by on Monday February 24, 2014 at 17:1:36:

Got a book already but in digital format? Got writing skills?
Even if you have not yet been selected by top publishing companies for a book deal, you can still make do and get rewarded for it by publishing your book online with Amazon. It is called self publishing and it involves you the writer putting out the word and providing your book to the public in digital format.
Amazon is practically the world's largest retail online store and the sell almost anything from shoes, clothes, watches, baby diapers, dvds, mp3, hard books and even ebooks.
Although there are various ways to publish your book and make some money with sales, but selling it with Amazon provides you with an easy way out such that you wouldn't have to do things like recording sales, delivering to customers, taking complaints and so on but the major work will be just writing good stuff and this means that you have more time to improve your writing skills and work on more new projects.
I have seen a lot of young people in Nigeria who have great writing skills and some of them who don't get big deals eventually self publish their books with small scale printing companies. In the end, they do not get to profit from it or give it the kind of market coverage that is requires, now what if they partnered with a bigger online publishing company like Amazon has? This would have allowed them to reach more potential buyers and end up making a huge sale depending on how much the book is really worth.

Now how do you Self publish your book with Amazon?

Well you can do this in various ways such as:

- Publishing for Kindle
- Publishing with CreateSpace
- Publishing with Advantage
- Publishing with Search Inside

The most important thing is having your book ready and it should be nicely written with good English and have a lot of pages. It should also be in word, pdf or other acceptable format if you intend selling it online in digital copies

When you publish with Amazon, they collect a commission per sale and others too will be able to promote your books on Amazon since they also offer an affiliate programme

Re: How to self publish your book on Amazon Posted by Adaora on Monday March 24, 2014 at 10:54:46:

What Amazon is doing is really nice. Now we writers can take advantage of it.

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